This One's for You Mom...

When I was little if you wanted to make my mom mad, all you had to do was ask her who was visiting when she was cleaning house.  Oh how I remember the look she'd get on her face when I would say that....seems my turn has come...


After decorating our cookies yesterday, I realized it was time to deep clean my kitchen.  Once I scrubbed down the icing covered counter, it only made me realize how scummy the other counters looked.  This lead to me doing a deep clean of all my counter tops.  I'm talking take everything off of the counter, move it and wipe down the whole thing.  Yea...that level of cleanliness rarely happens.  Because when it does, it seems like I suddenly become a little OCD. Things that never bothered me before suddenly stick out as I clean one area which then leads to another and before you know it, I'm scrubbing the inside of the door of my dishwasher...

So this morning my OCD cleaning fest was still going strong and I found myself scrubbing the stove top.  My kids were watching with fascination.

And then my son said, "Mom, it's kinda like people are when Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim came...are you going to clean the carpets today too?"


  1. Haha. We really do get paid back don't we?!

    When I'm PMSing a mess will make me crazy. Usually when I clean out my closet!

  2. You had me at OCD....finally, a topic I know which of I speak.

    I have it. Self-diagnosed, of course. I do that kind of scrubbing a isn't something to be admired. Yes, my kitchen is often (not always, but often) very clean. However, I miss out on so many things due to my OCD...making memories with the little ones whether it's because I'm too busy cleaning something or because I simply don't want them to make a mess.

    I'm working on it. I know my kids will not always be this age and I have years to clean when they're too busy for ole mom....just like anything else though it takes time and discipline and prayer...

    So, while I am glad your counters are sparkling....I hope your OCD like tendency doesn't rear its ugly head again for awhile.

    Okay...nuff of the comment that reads more like a whole email. Gosh, I'm long winded.

  3. Yeah I need to do that some time soon... very soon as we have guests coming for new year... The logic behind that thought process I suppose goes back to the point of the post, which I must confess made me laugh at myself. I did get something done in cleaning my kitchen though today you should stop by and see.

  4. That's great!! I used to think the same thing when my mom started cleaning like mad. I need to do some serious deep cleaning in my bathroom this weekend. I'm thinking I'm going to scrub the floor....hands and knees style. Fun, huh?

  5. My kids have made the statement: "why do we have to clean our room? No one's coming over.". I'm thinking a regular rigorous chore schedule is in order!

  6. Your site is awesome! I love it... I found your site through the christian woman blog and just wanted to say hello =D

  7. I love that boy!

  8. Paybacks?!?! I am sorry if I looked mad at the comment. It does make us think - "do I only super-clean when others are coming to visit??" And does it surprise everyone when it is just for us?!?!
    The hard part truly is - once you superclean one area it DOES show what else needs done. It is a never ending cycle.

  9. OH how that reminds me of days GONE by now it seems as if it gets when I exspect company It is if you wipe 1 thing down the rnext thing seems dirty

  10. OH I saw the cookies being iced OHHHH. the mess but now it does not seem so bad to remember

  11. i had no idea we had such an effect on you! thanks for cleaning when we come over... but really, it's not necessary! i'm sure your kitchen looks great!


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