Meet Saint Nicholas


My son often refers to Santa as Saint Nicholas.  I guess it's because of reading Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and Twas the Night Before Christmas.

This week my son decided he wanted to pretend to be Saint Nicholas.

Meet Jolly Old Saint Nick himself...

meet Saint Nicholas

Check out his sleigh (the blanket...see him holding the reigns?) and note the stuffed bear playing the roll of reindeer.

the reindeer and the sleigh

Filling the stockings...


If you're good, you too could get an empty egg carton and a plastic lid.

filling the stockings

Hmm, holding out for the real guy on the 24th?

I guarantee he isn't as cute as our Santa!


  1. I love that he has a sleigh and everything!

  2. Ah - a very precious St Nick :-) What fun. Reminds me of those days of old when his uncle loved playing Santa.

  3. He has such a great imagination! You're right...the real one with the bowl full of jelly isn't nearly as cute.

  4. I'm so glad to see a child using his imagination. I thought maybe children didn't know how to do that anymore. This definitely put a smile on my face and started my day off right! Thanks, Crystal. ;)

  5. i'm getting my christmas cheer from your blog, so keep them coming? we don't have any decorations to put up, and if we bought a tree, it'd lean in the corner with nothing on it. kinda sad. so i'm loving the "christmas spirit" coming from your world! share on!


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