Weekend Thoughts: Am I Choosing to be a Slave?


My son was playing in the backyard swinging his stick like an ax into the mound of dirt when he announced in an overly dramatic voice, "I am working like a slave!"   I am sure it's not hard for you to guess what we've been studying this year in Bible Study Fellowship.   

That's right...the life of Moses. 

I was recently reading in Exodus 16 about the Israelites wandering in the desert.  After the Lord had freed them from captivity and led them through the Red Sea, and provided them with drinkable water, they found themselves again without food and water.  And even though God had provided for them every step of the journey, they again found themselves grumbling and complaining.  For 400 years they had been held captives as slaves in Egypt.  Yet here they are "on the 15th day of the second month after they had come out of Egypt," (Exodus 16:1) and they are already saying that they wish they had died in Egypt as slaves because there they sat around pots of meat and ate all they wanted unlike here in the desert where they wander for days without food. 


Had they forgotten so quickly what it was like to be bound as a slave?  Did they really forget all the horrors of it that quickly and think back to it as a time where they all just laid around and ate food? 

I found myself asking, What is wrong with these people?  How can they forget that quickly?  Why would they chose slavery of the unknown?  How can they forget that God is leading them?  He has given them a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day visibly leading them through the desert.  He parted the Red Sea for them for crying out loud, what is their problem?

As I sat there in my self-righteous state judging those Israelites the Lord placed a thought on my heart.

When do I prefer slavery to sin to trusting in God?

Yea, it is really easy for me to sit in my comfortable home reading my Bible (which has the big picture all spelled out for me) and judge the Israelites for their lack of faith.  But what about me? 

God has set me free from my bondage to sin.  It no longer rules my life.  Christ's death on the cross and the Holy Spirit living in my heart means that through Christ's power, I now have victory over sin. 

But, how often do I cling to my sin because it is comfortable and something I know, rather then step out in faith, trusting the Lord to lead me?

See, really, I am no better than the Israelites.  Thankfully God was patient with them, showing them again and again His love and His faithfulness by calming their doubts and fears and providing for their needs.  Thankfully He does the same with me.

Weekend Thoughts:
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  1. So true. And with this week, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving - may we all stop to be grateful for the love, faithfulness and patience of our Lord.

  2. Ah, I am a BSF girl. BSF brought me my husband, and ultimately my babies! We were both leaders in a coed singles group. It has a special place in my heart.

    The thing I remember most from Moses is that grumbling is a sin. I needed to be reminded of that recently!!

  3. This is so true for most of us. I get lazy in my faith a lot.

  4. Our pastor spoke about change this weekend, and it's so true. We would rather keep going back to the things that enslave our lives, then change and do something that would not only glorify Him, but would also be better for us in the long run! It's so easy to sit back and point fingers, it's another thing to say "sure, I choose to change!". Like you said, thankfully God is forgiving, He is merciful, He is Patient, He is everything we don't desearve. But He has given all of things to us, dispite our many, MANY downfalls. Thank you GOD!

  5. Wow! What a great post. We've been studying Exodus and the life of Moses in chapel recently. It can be so easy for us to judge but it's humbling when we look at our own lives and see the same mistakes. I am very guilty of this.


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