Playing School from a New Perspective


My daughter loves to play school.  She asks me to play All.The.Time.

But, my daughter has never been to school.

And everything she knows about school, she learned from watching her big brother.

IMG_9655So when we "play school" it goes something like this...

My daughter takes her booster seat down from the table and sets it up in the hall to be her "car seat".  She then has me strap her in and drive her to school.  I then unstrap her and she sits beside me while we wait for her teacher to come to the car and get her.  She grabs her folder and bag, kisses me goodbye and smiles widely as she waves goodbye.  A few minutes later she announces it is time for me to come and pick her up.  I pretend to drive, I wait for her pretend teacher to bring her to the car, she gives me a huge hug, sits back in her seat and tells me about her day.  She shows me her "school papers" in her folder.  She tells me about running around on the playground and what she ate for snack.  And then the routine begins again.  I've played school lots of times over the years, but never quite like this. 



  1. so the last picture is by far my favorite. i love that having done the drop off/pick up routine i can totally appreciate this post. and that you play along with her. you're such a good mom!

  2. Speaking of kids & school...Would you sometime share your thoughts on teaching kids to read (using your direct mom & direct teaching/education training & experience)?

    I was in B&N tonight perusing some books on reading out loud to pre-schoolers & phonics &tc &tc.

  3. I love it. She's so sweet. How far away from going to real school is she? Looks like she'll be ahead of the game when its time.

    Twilight is sucking me in.....

    And how bout them Steelers?

  4. too cute! and you win the prize for "being a trooper"!

  5. Oh my gosh, we went through nearly the exact same thing... not too long ago! And we did it over and over and over and over..... and over and over.... well, you get the picture. And we did this 'till I couldn't stand it anymore, and I got his attension going in another direction... My boy, Caden, has an attension span like no other 3 year old I know... He keeps on something until you make him stop!

  6. Well, she has the dropping off/ picking up part down pat!!! Looks like she could use some insight on what happens in-between LOL :-)
    Looks like great fun though.

  7. Wow...I do that with the kid i babysit. Sounds like they all go through that phase!

    - Daphne

  8. I just want to know if there was a woman who had a phone to call all the names for them to come out;)

  9. that is a really good picture of you Crystal!


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