Better Late Than Never, Right?


We didn't get to carving pumpkins this year.   The kids each got to pick a pumpkin at our field trip to the petting farm, and while they were quite content with this size of their pumpkins, they weren't exactly jack-o-lantern material.  I am sure we'd have had to pay a trip to the ER if we attempted to carve such small pumpkins.    I kept holding out for a trip to a "real" pumpkin patch, but it just wasn't in the cards this year. 

The day before Halloween I was trying to scheme a way we could run to the grocery store and get a bigger pumpkin, as well as carve it in between our neighborhood trick or treating event at the shopping plaza and our visit to Scott's parents and grandpa to let them see the kids in their costumes.   It just wasn't happening.  Sure we could have cut the visit with the grandparents short and forced the kids to stay up past their bed times to make it work.  And if the kids had really wanted to, it might have been worth it.  But I was reminded of an important lesson as we enter this holiday season.  You can over do it with good traditions. And while traditions are fun and important, sometimes you just gotta enjoy the moments you have instead of trying to cram more in. 

So I let the jack-o-lantern go this year. 

The kids weren't asking about it so I let them just enjoy the candy and costumes and saved the pumpkins for another time. 

But, the day after Halloween my son remembered.  "Hey Mom, we never carved our pumpkins this year!"   

Time for plan B.

I said, "I think we'll paint out pumpkins this year."  Who cares that it is after Halloween?  Pumpkins are fallish, right?  So, one day this week when the kids woke up from their naps, we had a little craft time.  I scrambled around for some paint and sequins and covered the table in newspaper.  The only paint I had around didn't have "washable" printed on the bottle, so please excuse our mostly naked shots as I wasn't willing to sacrifice their clothes for this craft.

IMG_9397 IMG_9399IMG_9403

I am really glad I didn't over pack our festivities this Halloween.  It didn't matter to the kids that we painted our pumpkins AFTER Halloween.  They still had a blast.  And we have this fun, new decoration to grace our home this November.


  1. I love this idea! We didn't do pumpkin carving this year, either. That's just not something I want to tackle myself....I'm not a fan of ER visits in Germany! I think I'll steal this idea though.

    I love this quote from you "And while traditions are fun and important, sometimes you just gotta enjoy the moments you have instead of trying to cram more in. " It is so important to enjoy moments with our children and I am so glad that you've made that your priority!

  2. That looks like fun - and really, the kids are important thing here, so you're a good mom for not forcing things on them just for the sake of tradition.

    Besides, it looks like they were having a blast making memories, so who cares when it actually took place! :)

  3. OH my are a much better mommy than I am.

    Give my toddler paint???? At the table???? And a pumpkin??

    My OCD trembles at the thought.

    The things my kids miss out on due to my anal retentiveness.

    :( I might have to loosen up a bit.

  4. Good Plan!! And you extended the holiday - letting them enjoy the traditions without cramming too much into the short time :-)
    They look quite busy at creating!!

  5. Better late than never and I'm sure the kids would like to do this anytime!

  6. Perhaps they are early Thanksgiving decorations?!


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