Monday Monday


cue song from Mamas and Papas

I do not heart Mondays.  AT.ALL.   And my reasons why are numerous, so numerous, I've composed a list for you.   

1.   Scott is back to work and after having him home for 2 days, I miss him.  LOTS.  Because he is truly my best friend and the house is lonely with him gone.  I know we are only 29 but can I just tell you I look forward to retirement when we can spend all day every day just being together... don't even care what it is we are doing, just that we won't be a part. 


2.  Yea all that weekend fun translates into a messy house to clean up on Monday morning, complete with dirty dishes that often didn't even make it to the sink. 




3.  It takes me forever to get my post up on Monday.  This is because my hubby and I are not morning people, which means we tend to sleep in as long as possible on Mondays which results in a late and rushed start to the day.  And since I made my personal commitment not to write a post until I had spent time in the Word, it typically takes me most of the day before I have my quiet time and blog time. 

4.  The fact that hubby and I are not morning people, particularly, Monday Morning people means that he typically doesn't get home until late on Mondays...making the long day even longer. 

OK...I really thought I had more than 4 reasons to throw at you...guess these will have to be enuf for now because I have this sense that my quiet nap time is quickly coming to an end...yea must be the fact that my little one has been jabbering away in her crib for awhile now and doesn't appear to be settling down for her nap...which will result in an even LONGER afternoon... (I also do not heart daylight savings time, but I don't want to turn this into a wine fest so that will have to wait for another day).  :-)


  1. I'm with you! Especially on missing the husband, and daylight savings time. Whoever put that in to motion CLEARLY didn't have to deal with kids on a sleep schedule!

  2. post is on the time change and I feel the same about Mondays. I only get one day with Andy so it really sucks!


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