If Only...

The kids and I took a nature walk last week.  As we walked along the path, I realized we had necessary elements for some great pictures.

1.  Happy Kids

2.  Setting sun

3.  Fall leaves

However, we forgot the photographer.

After frolicking along the path gathering leaves and sticks, I noticed that the suns rays were really quite beautiful.  I remembered Scott saying that one of the best times of days to get pictures is before sunset.  "Perfect, I thought."

I sat the kids down on a bench at one of the "exercise stops" on the walking path.  You were supposed to do sit ups here.  My son saw the curved bar and thought he knew what to do.  Before I could even think about stopping him, he had flipped over the bar and landed hard on his poor little noggin.  But, I had just set the girls down for the phot opp at the same instant and I knew time was of the essence.


Poor guy didn't even have time to recover before Mom started snapping pictures.  And the girls weren't exactly ready either.

OK...I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I proceeded to snap 28 pictures of them sitting in this pose.  They were pretty agreeable and not bouncing all over the place, which is rare for a photo opp, so I went a little over board.  (check out the shell shocked look on my baby girl's face)!


I then started second guessing myself...was this the right spot?  Where do I want the sun?  At my back?  On my side?  "Oh, how I wish Scott was here..."

I tried switching angles...


No, this is def not right... having the subjects face the sun is def a bad idea... poor kids!

Hmm, what about this way?


Might have worked, but Momma pushed her luck.  They were done with the sitting patiently on the bench routine.


Guess I better get a few pointers before my next attempt at amateur photography.  Check out THAT Family for more photographic laughs!


  1. this is a great series of pics. it really does tell a story. i'm curious about the other 23 pictures!

  2. I just read your comment on That Family Blog. I was at the Gaylord too! I have a cowboy pic!

  3. Yep you have to work quick when taking pictures of the kids! I loved the shell shocked look. :)

  4. What you don't know is that pros also take a kazillion photos and delete most of them. 8-)

  5. Oh MAN! Trying to get them all to sit and look at the camera...forget it. LOL You did well!

  6. The one with the sun in their eyes!!! LOL We've all done that to our kids :-)

  7. Those are some cute pics...and cute kids.

  8. Too funny. Every time we try, it ends up like that!

  9. those are my fav kind of pix ..imprompted!

  10. Thank God for digital cameras! Can you imagine having to pay to develop a whole roll of film and never having that one amazing shot?! I hope your sons head is ok.

  11. And this is why I am grateful for the invention of digital cameras. And sunglasses.

  12. They are the sweetnesses, for sure. His little face still looks sad in the first pic, which is cute. And you're right about the middle one's expression in that one shot. Great pics.

  13. Precious and those are such sweet faces!

  14. Don't beat yourself up too much...you take some great pictures! :)

  15. I loved the next to last photo - it worked GREAT!!! And thanks for the idea about posting my pictures on Facebook - I hadn't even thought of that - will be doing so immediately! :)

  16. Cute fall outfits: $10.00; Warm jackets: $15.00; photo reel of kids doing everything but looking at the camera with uniform smiles: priceless :) These pictures are great!

    So where DO you want the sun for the best shot?


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