Because I Can


image I  voted today.  For some reason this year more than any other, I was grateful for the opportunity to let my voice be heard.  Often I am rather cynical about it, voting because I know it is the right thing to do but wondering "why bother" and "Does my vote really matter anyway?"

But today I felt convicted. 

There was a time in American history when woman couldn't vote and there are many countries today where women still can't vote.  And so, I dragged my three small kiddos into the minivan and out of the minivan and through the puddles to sit on the floor and play with their toy race car and plastic yellow duck while Mommy voted.  Because I don't want to take for granted this right I have as an American woman to let my voice be heard.  As a Christian, as a citizen, as a wife, as a mom, it is my duty to take part in the government of our nation.  And as I left with my "I Voted" sticker proudly displayed on my shirt and my kids in hand, I actually got a little teary eyed.  I honestly don't think I ever thought about all the women out there who don't get a say, who have no voice. 

I voted today, because I can, and for that fact I am incredibly grateful. 


  1. It was a blessing to read this blog entry today. It is truly a honor to vote. Thank you for reminding all of us that this is a privilege and because of that it is a right and because of that it becomes a RESPONSIBILITY.

    What a COUNTRY !! 8-)

  2. I am ambivalent, but I voted anyway, as an example to my children (while leaving those ballots I'd no opinion on completely blank) ... but I have the sticker anyway!

  3. Great point, and SO TRUE! Women of our great-grandmothers' generation had to face public violence and prison time fighting for our rights!

  4. I was talking with my oldest about the priviledge we had here today and how in many countries there is no voting for anyone.

  5. I love voting too...but can I just say that my voice can't count in MD because of the stupid electoral college and all my votes going to the party I didn't vote for. Can anyone give me one good reason why we still have that?


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