Crazy Like That!


Sunday my husband and I had plans during the Steelers games.  Thankfully we have a DVR, so we just recorded the game to watch when we got home.  This has happened before, and we have devised a sort of routine for situations like this, because it would be AWFUL to accidentally find out the results of the game before we watched it.  So, we typically race into the house (because what if we see a neighbor and they casually mention the game)  we then unplug the phone (because what if a friend or family member calls to talk about it) and we don't turn on the computer (because what if someone e-mailed about it or we saw something on our "igoogle headline"  (since we have Steelers websites in our favorites on our home page.   Yes, we live in a sort of state of paranoia.

We've settled into this crazy routine only after learning from the past.  Yes, we have actually sat in our living room with our hands over our ears much like Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch while someone left a message on our machine congratulating us on a win.  My husband has even hung up on his mom before for this reason.   As I unplug the phone line and ignore the blinking messages on my answering machine I often fear, "what if something horrible happened to a family member and they are trying to get a hold of us...we always check those messages AFTER the game, in case that is the case."

Fever Pitch

Sadly when my husband and I got home on Sunday and sat down to watch the game, I had a horrible migraine and felt sick.  I managed to barely watch the first half of the game before finally realizing I had to just go to bed early.  My dear husband said he would not tell me what happened and was even willing to watch it with me again on Monday night.  This  meant that all day Monday I walked around with my hands in my ears.  I literally held my breath as I entered social situations and was so relieved when I got in my car and knew I wasn't going to see or talk to anyone the rest of the day. 

Yes, I am crazy like that...but this paranoia proved well worth it this time as it was a down to the last second, win by only one point, kind of finish, and I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened.   It would not have been nearly as fun to watch if I had known the score already. 


  1. You do have it down to a routine - sorry that we couldn't talk to you until mid-week!! LOL It was well worth the wait this week!!

  2. I am dying. Seriously, that whole thing is HILARIOUS! I may read it again later just for another chuckle. Have a good day plugged back in to the world! Will you be able to watch Thursday night?

  3. I love you guys ( 8-) )


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