Family Fun Night at the Grocery Store


The Safeway near us closed down for the past year so they could tear it down and build a bigger, more modern grocery store.  I must say I am pretty excited about this because now I don't have to drive as far to get my groceries. 

Perhaps, I got a little too excited.

When I got the flier in the mail about their "grand opening preview party" on Thursday night, I started making plans. 

And, I kinds got the kids excited brainwashed about it too.  They actually started looking forward to it...."Thursday we go to the grand opening of Safeway, right Mom?"

our clown (Now part of the reason we were all so excited is that last week we accidentally went to Giant for their grand reopening after they had rearranged the store.  It was incredible.  There were 5 clowns with balloon art, every where you went there were people giving samples, stickers, candy, there were line greeters, cashiers, and was insane... and we had the balloon art to prove it).

When my husband said he'd be home by 6 on Thursday, my response was "Great, you can come with us to the Grand Opening." 

IMG_4585 husband who "loves" to shop was just thrilled to go to the the grocery store with us and a thousand of our closest friends, "just to see the new store." 

He never complained once. 

Not when we had to circle the lot and wait for the traffic directors to direct us to a spot in the parking garage...not when we went into the elevator and it didn't work and after standing in there for 3 minutes we got out and walked up the stairs...not when we got into the store and found it completely bazurk with lines going out the wazoo...and when he asked what I needed I responded, "Nothing, just wanted to see the new store."

Seriously, not even then. 

We walked around, got samples, the kids had a blast in the cool new cart (good thing we didn't need any food b/c seriously, I don't know where I'd have put the food). 

IMG_4588I was the only one complaining..."But Giant had clowns... I wanted you to see the clowns...and Giant had free Starbucks samples...and Giant had way more samples..."

And then my sweet hubby bought flowers for me at the Starbucks stand, and frappuchinos too b/c "he didn't want me to leave my grand opening empty handed."  Seriously, is he sweet or what?


As we drove home in the foggy rain after the kids bedtime, they were sipping the end of our frappuchinos (come on, YOU try eating dessert right in front of your's not easy) and saying, "MMM tastes like coffee!" I didn't care that it was after their bed time and we were letting them have caffeine and sugar.  I didn't care that we spent an hour and a half walking around the grocery store to come home without any groceries.  I was giddy because we turned something like a trip to the grocery store into a family event to be looked forward to and enjoyed by all.  (and I even got flowers)!!



  1. I am truly beginning to think you are a "One of a Kind" ring master.

  2. I love you. I seriously love you. Gone is my guilt over letting Noah have some of my Starbucks. You are right, it is horrible trying to enjoy a dessert while your kids watch with envy!!!!

    And...I love you for addressing the issue of the car cart...sure, it's a great place for the kids, but where oh where are we supposed to put the food? Not to mention a box of diapers???? Who designed that thing??? I have toiled with that very issue so many times I am embarrassed about it. Surely, there are larger issues for me to focus on.

    And thirdly, I love you because you would go to a grocery store just to see the store. That speaks volumes about the things we have in common.

    And then you blog about it. Well done.

  3. You even managed to get flowers! I love the Dora cart.
    Hey it's all about family quality time, that's the bottom line. It's all the kids really want anyway, right? I just love reading your family outings!

  4. I am so envious of you right now! That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love that you enjoy your kids so much and make trips to the grocery store into a fun outing!!!!

  5. You should proudly wear your 'my husband rocks' shirt today!

  6. I was thinking the exact same thing - YOUR HUBBY ROCKS!!!
    It was kind of like going to another circus?!?!? Or the Zoo?!?!?
    Everyone looks happy and together :-)

  7. LOL, they look like mini adults with those Frapaccinos! So cute!

  8. What I love was that this was a big enough event that you guys took pictures! :-) But don't let my kids see the cool car carts - they'll want a field trip to ride in them!


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