A Time to Give Thanks


My son came home from school the other day with a craft he had made listing the things he was thankful for.  They were

  • Mommy and Daddy (yea, we made the list)
  • his sisters (doesn't this just warm your heart)
  • toast
  • ice cream

This list was quite insightful to me.  Who know that toast got such high billing?  I'll be sure to have toast around more often now that I know how much he values it.  Of all the things he's thankful for, toast is in his top 4 list. 

IMG_8919How about me?  What am I thankful for? 

It is so easy to overlook the reason for Thanksgiving.  In the hustle and bustle of preparing to travel or preparing to host the feast, it's easy to find yourself going to bed with a belly full of pie and visions of Black Friday savings dancing in your head, having never stopped to reflect on all we have to be thankful for.  And more than just to reflect, but to take a few minutes to actually give thanks to the Lord for the blessings He has given us. 

I feel like Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday.  With stores selling Halloween candy in July, and Christmas trees up in September, the idea of pausing to give thanks is passed over.  Stores don't push a holiday that doesn't help to bolster the economic stimulus. 

So, today before my day starts I want to stop and give thanks to the Lord for He has been so good to me.

I am thankful for...

  • my husband who loves me and makes me feel so loved
  • my three children who give me reasons to smile and laugh each and every day
  • my family's health
  • my parents and the close relationship I've had with them my whole life
  • my in-laws
  • my brother and his wife
  • my sister in law and brother in law
  • my nieces
  • Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sins
  • my freedom
  • that I don't have to worry about how I am going to put food on my table
  • my husband's job
  • getting to be a stay at home mom
  • that we have clean drinking water available in bounty
  • that I don't live in fear
  • chocolate
  • taste buds
  • my marriage
  • my IRL friends
  • my blogging friends
  • the life of convenience I have
  • starry skies
  • sunrise and sunset
  • snow days
  • our pediatrician
  • running water
  • my church body
  • Bible Study Fellowship
  • my Labor Day weekend Friends
  • the Bible- and the fact that I have several (in different translations even)

There are numerous other things for which I have to give thanks.  I truly live a charmed life.  I am grateful for the many blessings God has bestowed upon me and I pray that I can use what He has given me to serve Him and bring Him glory.

What about you?  What are you thankful for today?  Don't forget to tell Him!



  1. I'm thankful for so much also...you thought of a few things I forgot to put on my list like chocolate, running water, and our pediatrician. Never even thought of them...Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great list! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Joe and I made a list like that a few years back. We have fun looking back on it some times.


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