Trick or Treat!!



Our neighborhood has two days of trick or treating...because one night of filling your pumpkin with candy just isn't enough.    trick or treat!The shopping plaza in our neighborhood hosts a trick or treating event every year the day before Halloween.  It feels like a celebration right out of Gilmore Girls as we stroll from store to store getting candy.  It's become a sort of tradition for us to visit Scott's parents and grandparents after this so they can see them in their costumes.    Then on Halloween we went door to door at the houses on our street.  My parents came in town for the weekend and were able to get here in time to see the kids in their costumes.




Now for the costumes....

First we have Spiderman...note to self, costumes with face masks don't make for the best pictures of your child. 


Next we have our princess...I can't believe how much she has grown since she dressed as a princess last year.  She's def lost that baby face!


And we can't forget our little lady bug.  Each time people would open their doors to hand out candy, she would step inside thinking she was being invited in.  She is not a bashful lady bug.

our little lady bug


  1. They look great! Uncle Jordan would LOVE the spiderman costume!

  2. All the costumes are great!!! How neat that you got two days of festivities!

  3. They were all adorable.. You look great too... Love to all.

  4. Dear Friends, Hey! How are you? Happy late Hallowen! :D!!


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