Fall's Last Big Hurrah!


  This weekend our family tackled the leaves in our yard.  And really when I say our family, I mean, my husband.  The rest of us came out to hold rakes, snap pictures, and jump in huge piles.  Daddy was the one still raking in the cold all by himself when everyone else when inside to warm up and take naps.  Yea, I know my husband rocks.

Here's a picture of what it looked like before he got to work.IMG_9833

Then the work crew came out.


Check out this pile of leaves.  You know it is just begging to be jumped in!


The kids truly enjoyed this part the best.  (check back tomorrow for some great aerial shots of them being tossed into the piles)


By the time it came to the backyard, it was just poor old Dad all by his lonesome.  He tried out using the lawn mower on the back yard. 


Doesn't the yard look so much better?  Now we are ready for snow to fall and to put up Christmas lights next week.


Scott bagged up 38 bags of leaves this weekend!! 


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  1. What a great tackle! I guess that's one thing I don't miss about having a house:). Those were a TON of leaves!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of leaves!

  3. Yeah. The deciduous mid-Atlantic region is a bummer! Musty old brown leaves. Yech!

    You should see the cactus and junipers in the fall -- they're always GREEN!

    I met another Steelers fan here too. They're all moving here! :)

  4. wow - 38 bags? i can't even comprehend that. the advantage of Texas is no leaves. of course that also means no trees. :( i'm not sure which i'd rather give up.

  5. That's a huge tackle. Good Job. Happy Thanksgiving.


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