The Sign Pics Just Keep Getting Better

After posting last week's goofy national park pics, many of you commented that you looked forward to the day we included the kids in these shots.
Well, wait no longer...
It only took 18 mths for us to bring our son on his first national park trip.
Much like the beginning of our first trip, this pose was quite normal.   Here we are in Acadia National Park.
2005 scrapbook170
The next summer we had a two and half year old and a 7 month old.  Our son fell asleep in the car after a day of hiking in the park.  Unfortunately, we were only in this park that one day.  So, if we didn't get the sign picture on our way out, we wouldn't have it.  We had no choice but to take our sleeping child out of the car to pose for our pic.  (He stayed asleep the whole time until we put him back in the car seat). 
napping through the sign pose
And the next year, we went camping with our 3 and half year old, 1 and a half year old, and 2 and a half month old.    No need for funny poses now.  Getting all 5 of us in the shot creates enough fun poses in and of itself.  
He's fast, but not quite fast enough.
The older two had a blast playing while Mommy and Daddy figured out the best place to set up the camera.
This pose was destined for a Fro' Me to You post... My husband is straining to hold our middle child while she fights him, I am blinking, and my son is pointing to the sign with such enthusiasm....making sure none of us miss it!
These next few pictures are from the same trip, but a different park.  IMG_6002
My son is checking out the park sign. (Dear son, you will spend many, many moments over your lifetime waiting in front of these signs for us to take our family photo)!
And here another Fro' Me to You moment...
I am sure as we grow, the pics will just get better...though none can come close to my prairie dog pose!
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  1. LOL Don't you LOVE trying to get those pictures?!?

  2. Signs, signs every where the signs!

  3. very fun family times.. you both look like a great set of parents as well!

  4. Bwahahahaha I love this with the kids!!!!

  5. This is CLASSIC! LOVE it. You could write my blog :D

  6. Such great pictures!! I don't see a Park sign without thinking of you. Keep on posing :-)

  7. How COOL that you all have been to so many great places.

    Me? Not so much.

    The pictures of you all juggling babies in front of the signs were great!

  8. Well... at least you know exactly where you were when you took the photos...

  9. How fun! Family traditions, crying, sleeping, running around, doesn't matter, so wonderful!

  10. Those are great photos. Treasure those family moments together. You are creating wonderful memories for your beautiful children. Thank you for visiting Healthy Moms!

  11. It is a great tradition to take pictures in front of the signs. Our family pictures are much the same way...hahah. So where is your next trip going to be?

  12. I actually haven't seen these ones yet!

  13. How neat to "watch" your family grow before our eyes! You've got a fun blog!

  14. Lol..the last one is hilarious! Your poor hubby is trying desperately to keep control of two squirming toddlers...been there done that!

  15. ahhh.... this is the family I know and love. i, by the way, think you should do a series called: When 10 Seconds Is Not Enough. and collect all the pictures the Scott didn't quite make because the camera timer wasn't long enough. love it!

  16. These pics are great...but what I really notice is that addition of these babies so fast!!!!! You are a machine! And to travel on top of it all??? That's bravery, woman. The pictures are hilarious, though. And so cute. Certainly they will be great to look back on in the years to come.


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