Turning the Day Around


This morning I was reminded what a great gift forgiveness is.  It was a rough morning… the last day of a very busy week with not as much down time as we’re accustomed to.   I felt the fatigue that morning with heavy eyes searching for the remote to buy me a few more moments of rest before I hit the to do list.   I noticed the fatigue in children who quickly burst into tears or whiny screams over rather insignificant things. 

And then, it happened…

I was busy trying to clean up the kitchen b/c we’re having a new oven delivered and installed today and it seemed having a table still full of breakfast dishes and a sink overflowing as well, wasn’t the face I wanted to present to the world.    A temper tantrum erupted, I can’t recall over what, but I do know that my 3 yr old wasn’t just whining she was screaming (a new tactic of hers which I find incredibly annoying)… just screaming at an ear piercing decibel).

I screamed back.  Yelled at her to stop screaming, STOP SCREAMING, your brother is sleeping… be QUIET… BE QUIET, I yelled.

Yes, the irony of my response is not lost on me. 

I sent everyone to a room to chill.  It was only 10am so I knew we couldn’t try for naps yet, but yet,I knew we all needed some space.  So I barked out for everyone to find a room and play quietly ALONE. 

And as I looked at her face, saw her crying, I knew I had messed up.  I knew I hadn’t handled the situation well at all.  I added to the chaos of the moment, rather than controlling the climate. 

And so, I apologized.  I looked into those teary eyes and I said, “I am sorry for yelling at you.  You shouldn’t have been screaming and that was wrong, but I was wrong to scream at you.  Please forgive me.”

And she did.

Instantly.   A smile lit up her face and we embraced in a hug.  And I was reminded again what a sweet gift that forgiveness is.  It’s a beautiful thing. 

We all then enjoyed a little quiet time doing our own things… me dishes, my son Legos, my daughter drawing, and my other daughter playing with her animals…


The morning had been redeemed thanks to a restart.  I called them out of their breaks and we worked together on some more “fun” aspects of house cleaning, the mood dramatically lighter in the circus house.   In fact, we we got so much done that I went into lunch with a bounce in my step… the house looks MUCH better, the kids were working together and I even tackled a few of those odd jobs that never seemed to get  to the top of the to do list (ie… bleaching out the trashcans). 

I wish I hadn’t yelled at her to stop screaming.  I wish I had calmly asked her to stop and redirected her behavior without joining in it.  But, I am thankful for God’s grace evident in my family this morning.  Thankful for a chance to apologize and move on.  Thankful for a heart willing to forgive.  Thankful for a break and an opportunity to start over and thankful that when nap time did finally roll around, we began it with light hearts, ready to go take a break, not with exasperated spirits at the end of their ropes.    I am thankful for a day turned around. 


  1. Awesome post Crystal! I thank God every day (and sometimes more) for my restart button!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Crystal! A situation that sounds oh-so-familiar. So thankful for His GRACE!!


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