My Dad


With Fathers Day approaching this weekend and the kids and I brainstorming ways to make it ultra special for the circus dad, I feel it also appropriate to spend some time reflecting on my own father.

Because, when it comes to dad’s, I have been richly blessed. 

While in the throws of parenthood, I think many a parents wonders, “Is it making a difference?  Do my kids even notice?” 

And the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Now a mother myself as I look back on my childhood, I am so grateful, so deeply grateful for the relationship I have had with my dad. 

As I think of my dad, many thoughts come to mind… he’s hardworking, always a kidder, a follower of Christ, great with kids, a loving and attentive Grandpa, sports fan, great shopper…. but if I had to some it up in one word, I’d say my dad is dependable. 

Dad was always there when we needed him.   My brother and I went to a Christian high school that was about 30 min from our house.  I recall dad going out of his way to take us to school and drop us off.  He’d wait patiently in the parking lot for us, scheduling his work appts around our dismissal times.  He made it to our band competitions, and sports games, and school plays.  And now, as an adult, he’s still there for me.  He makes the trek to MD to visit me and my family multiple times a year.  He does his best to make it to the kids birthday parties and sports games.  He was there at the hospital to meet each of his grandchildren after they were born.  This sometimes meant driving late into the night after a full day of work only to drive that same long trek back home to go to work shortly after.  But, dad was there. 

I have one very vivid memory of my dad which truly means the world to me.  It was the end of my senior year of high school.  Math is subject I struggled with all through high school.  After being accepted to college, I had to go and take some kind of entrance test or something.  I don’t really recall the details of that, all I do recall is finding out that I was going to have to take a remedial math class my first semester of college.  It would be a non credit math class that I had to take and pass before I could even take the regular math class I needed to fulfill my requirements.   Looking back now, it really wasn’t a big deal.  It was one class, take it, pass, and move along.  But, then, as a 17 yr old girl, it was devastating… the end of the world… in fact.  “I’m dumb… I hate math… I’m never going to pass… this is awful.”  Truthfully, my pride was hurt.  And that in and of itself was the issue.    I went out that night with Scott and some friends… I recall coming home late and dad waiting up for me in the living room.  I remember walking in the door, and Dad coming over to me and just giving me a big hug.  He said, “Mom told me about your math.”  Instantly I was embarrassed again.   “Your going to be ok,”  He said, “I know it’s not easy for you, but it’ll all work out.”

And ya know.  He was right.  I took the class.  I was embarrassed that first week when I couldn’t find the building and had to ask a million and one people where it was b/c no one had heard of the building, b/c actually it was off campus at a Sylvan learning center, and thus I had to tell a million and one people that I was taking remedial math.  But I found the building, took the class, passed, took the required math classes after that, passed… and life went on.  In the scheme of life, it was a very little deal.  And yet 15 years later I still look back at that night… at dad waiting up just to give me a hug… at Dad letting me know he cared, he understood how I felt, and ya know what it was a big deal.   Because it illustrates yet again, that dad was there.  He cared.  He supported me. 

crystal hs graduation

And that’s the kind of dad he is.  Dependable, supportive, understanding.   I’m so thankful, so very thankful for my dad.  Happy Fathers Day Dad!!


  1. G and I love your parents. Your relationship with your Dad is so very special. You both are blessed and a blessing.

  2. Tears flowing! So thoughtful.

  3. What a blessing that you have such a wonderful relationship with your dad! He sounds like a truly great man!


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