Turning Back Time


Ya know that feeling you get when you look at your kids and you just wanna freeze time?  You don’t want them to grow up, not one bit, so you just try your best to hold on to the moments while you can.

Well, we figured out a way to freeze time here at the circus…just a little…


Our littlest crew member turned one earlier this month.  Not sure how that year flew by so fast.  


However, we didn’t celebrate his birthday until this past weekend.  So, in a way… we froze time for a little longer.  IMG_2705

But, now that his scrapbook and video are both finished (circus family 1st birthday traditions), and he’s had that first bite of cake, there really is no denying it…IMG_2755

The Circus Baby is one. 


  1. He is so cute!!!! Happy Birthday Circus Baby!

    How I wish I could freeze time....

  2. He is so darling! And always smiling (at least in the photos)!! I love the cake, Crystal!! Nice work!

  3. Great pictures of a very fun celebration!

  4. Best birthday party pics ever! Those balloons made a perfect prop! And his smile the perfect focal point! Love it!

    Ps. I hope there's lots more cake in his future!


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