Self Sufficient…to a point…


One of the many reasons why life is easier this time around is that my older three kids are much  more self sufficient.

When we need to head out the door, I can instruct the kids to get their shoes on, go to the van and buckle up.  A few minutes later the baby and I  arrive at the van.  I buckle him in, do a quick seatbelt check on the big kids and we hit the road.

This works wonderfully…

except for when it doesn’t…

Like the time I pulled into the parking lot at church, open the side door and find my 5 yr old barefoot.  When questioned about her missing shoes, she responded, “ I couldn’t find them!”   As I sent her to SS barefoot her sweet teacher (and mother of 6) assured me it wasn’t the first time (which actually made me wonder, if she meant it wasn’t the first time someone came to SS with no shoes or if it wasn’t the first time MY DAUGHTER came to SS without shoes…I didn’t ask). 

Then there’s my three year old, who when faced with a similar dilemma, went a different route.

photo (2)

And of course mom doesn’t realize she’s not wearing matching shoes until she gets out of the van at the grocery store.

(yes…her dress in on backwards…another by product of our self sufficiency)

Apparently, I have a few questions I need to add to my check list before backing out of the driveway.  1.  Is everyone here?  2.  Seatbelts buckled? 3.  Shoes on?  4.  Shoes match?


  1. Don't feel bad at all. We arrive at church today and Naomi asks me to put panties on her. A quick check revealed she indeed was going commando - in a dress. We worked out a makeshift panty out of a bandana in the dress up box. The worst part, this is certainly not the first time.

  2. Bahahaha! This post made me many great lines! I love the part about wondering if it wasn't the first time someone came to SS without shoes or if it was yours that it wasn't the first time she came without shoes. Love it! And Karlene! Whooooo! Now, that's some funny stuff! And what I'm pretty sure it all says is, "Hey, none of us have got it all together but we're doing the best job we can!" :)

  3. Actually I showed up as a speaker at a little meeting with one white show and one beige shoe.
    Because the topic was the challenges of homeschooling, the ladies said later they thought it was going to be part of the talk, until the end -- when they realized, No -- she's just a clutz.

  4. remember when I sent my daughter to you barefoot because she lost her shoe after we got to church

  5. My baby sister (2 at the time) went to church with out underwear on Easter. She had fancy lacy anklets for the first time instead of tights, and the first thing she did when we got into our row was pull up her dress and flash my parents' best friends behind us. So funny and still a favorite family story 16 years later...


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