A Few Little Gems


While looking through pictures recently, I stumbled across a few which truly captured life at the circus in its essence.

Exhibit A: taken in December of 2010


Here they are working on the pine wood derby car for Cub Scouts.   Notice how everyone, even the baby, is in on the action?  Noticed the leotard?  My girls wear leotards every.single.day…. even though gymnastics is only twice a week, I can guarantee you those leotards are on more often than that.    Also, noticed my baby ripping his sisters glasses off?  He still loves to go for those glasses.  I love how he isn’t even looking at her, just out of the corner of his eye, he spots them and goes in for the grab…

Exhibit B: Taken in September of 2010


Here we are keeping the baby occupied.  My oldest son was reading to his little brother and then his sister had to follow suit.  It’s September and yet my daughter is wearing her bathing suit (even though I can pretty much guarantee you we didn’t go swimming that day) and my oldest son is wearing  an astronaut suit that is WAAAAY too small for him.  I believe his 3 yr old sister could fit into that more appropriately. 

Exhibit C: Also taken in September of 2010


I call this one tolerating tummy time.  And it really shows a lot about my son’s personality.  He was not a big fan of tummy time.  And even though his sisters are doing their best to entertain him… love how my 5 yr old is going to town on the baby piano for him, he really is not at all thrilled with this whole tummy time thing.  But he doesn’t cry… doesn’t complain… just lays there on his belly with a look that says, “How long Mom?”  “How long do I have to endure this?”

Something tells me that these pictures, not the posed group shots of them all smiling sweetly, these little glimpses of everyday life at the circus, are the ones I will treasure 20 years from now.  I’ll look at them and remember this crazy stage of life when the days were loooong and the years flew by way to fast.   Oh, how I love the chaos and costumes that makes up the circus life. 


  1. Me too. The Circus is at its finest (and most heartily entertaining) when in costume...and in chaos. :) Its why I heart The Circus!

  2. I love it! I was just doing the same thing! looking at old pictures and seeing how much they captured our life. I love it!


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