Proud Momma


IMG_1884My girls had their Mini Olympics Show yesterday afternoon and I gotta tell you, I was one proud Momma as I watched them perform.  

Their class did a floor routine (which was super cute to watch) and then each girl had a chance to perform on the bars, trampoline, and tumble track.  




The event concluded with a trip to the medal stand for each girl and then the opportunity to pose for pictures afterwards.  In January, the girls were placed into the same class.  This was nice, not only b/c it allowed me to take fewer trips to the gym each week, but also b/c the girls really enjoyed being together in class.  This summer my older daughter will move up to a new class.  I hope though, that it isn’t the last time they share practice time. 


They both worked so hard this year and learned so many new skills.  I love, LOVE watching them work hard in the gym as well as practice their skills in the living room floor, on what they have deemed the “gymnastics couch” and on the sidelines of their brothers baseball games.  I am very proud of my 2 little gymnasts!


  1. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. What precious pictures of these sisters working together. Thanks for sending pictures and DVD

  2. I am so sorry that were not home to watch the mini Olympics. It must have been so cool to watch. Let the girls know how thrilled we are for them.

  3. Awe! Super congrats to your little gymnasts! And might I say that the last picture is totally "Wheaties" box material! Love it!

  4. Cute!!! The first and last pictures are my favorites. Love those painted toenails too. ;o)


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