Lost in Translation


There are a few words that my 3 yr old mispronounces on a consistent basis.  I find her consistent mispronunciation so photo (4)gosh darn cute, I can’t correct her.  I loath the day her voice changes and she no longer sounds like a sing songy cartoon character and she learns the correct way to say night gown.

Until then, I am savoring her sweet voice and the way she says…

night gallon for night gown

pastor’s seat for passenger’s seat

uppertainment center for entertainment center


How about you?  Any favorite mispronunciations at your house you’d like to share?

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  1. Awe! So cute! We have slew of mispronounciations over here! My favorite two are: "diaweewa" for you guessed it, "diarrea" and the little girl I babysit calls a British accent an "English accident." As in, "Let's talk with our English accidents!"

  2. Oh, I'm SO glad you wrote about this. I LOVE mispronounced words and I hate it when parents try to correct this in children.

  3. the one I keep laughing about each time she says it is bathing soup (suit).

  4. My 3 year old works so hard to speak in general. Sometimes it's very difficult to watch him struggle. LIke it hurts my stomach.
    He's getting there. And I'm super proud of him.

    When he says, "I'm Hold me, " it really means, "I'm hungry." But it sounds like he is pleading for you to hold him. Oh, I LOVE it!

  5. I absolutely agree! My daughter calls thunder, flounder and octopus, ocpotus. There are so many more that just gives me so much laughter! :-) Your little girl is precious!!

  6. My 4 yo girl says hang-a-burger for hamburger, pa-sketti for spaghetti and alligator for elevator... Too cute to correct for sure!


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