Feeling Insignificant?


Last week after telling my kids the Bible story of  baby Moses, I decided to offer a little application for them.  I pointed out how neat it was that God took care of Moses as a baby by allowing the princess to find him.  I even told how amazing it was that his own mother was allowed to take care of him before he went to live at the palace.  After discussing how Moses grew up in the Egyptian palace, I pointed out how God used that later in his life when Moses led the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt.   I was going on about how we don’t understand the plans God has for our lives, but he has special plans for each of our lives, and just like God had a plan for Moses, he has a plan for each of them. 

Of course my son had to be argumentative (is 7 the new 13 or is this just at the circus?)  and say he didn’t think there was anything special about his life.   Which I then refuted, telling them that long before they were even in my belly, God had planned out their entire life and he did indeed have a special plan for each of them. 

My son, then replies, “Well, what about you Mom?  God didn’t do anything special with your life.”

Seriously folks, motherhood is not for the faint of heart… ya gotta be thick skinned to survive this stuff.

I refuted with the fact that I thought my life was pretty special… look I get to raise and take care of 4 special kids (sweet, loving kids who think the world of their mother… ahem)    and FURTHERMORE… I pointed out… my life is not over… who knows what other things God has planned for me or through me… thankyouverymuch!

But, apparently, you gotta lead God’s people out of captivity and into the promised land in order to be considered special around here. 


  1. LOL!!! Too funny, Crystal. :)

  2. How funny!! And, yes, it is so true you have to have pretty thick skin for this motherhood gig. I've learned that lesson well.

  3. 7 is definitely the new 13 here! Love that story :)

  4. Yep, I have to agree that 7 is the new 13....

    I keep having to tell my kids that one day, they will thank me for setting limits and not giving them EVERYTHING they want.

  5. Aren't kids sweet =) Haha! I'm laughing at his comment. KIDS!!

  6. Just wait till you really get to thirteen! It's like the new 26! Ack! This seriously has to go in the Circus Top Ten. Great writing style just peppered with classic Circus humor! Loved it! Thanks for posting this! Made me chuckle out loud at the park!

  7. I have to respectfully disagree with your son. God has already done significant things with your life! Not only are you an energetic, compassionate, wise mother of 4, who teaches them at home, plans fabulous field trips, who reaches out to friends and neighbors, who writes a popular and wise blog... and all that is only some of your achievements.
    But what if the quality of life is not about achievement, but about other things, such as relationships... about giving love to others, about knowing the Lord?

    Plus He's given you the spunk and wit to give a great answer your son's testing.


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