JOY Personified


I don’t share the kids names on the blog… but ya wanna know a secret? If our youngest son, had been a girl, her name would have been Joy. And as I reflected on that recently, I couldn’t help but think what a perfect word that is for our little man.

He truly is Joy personified.

Never have I seen a more happy, more contented, more easy going baby. He showers us all with laughs and smiles. He is a true joy.

And he has brought such depths of joy to our family this past year. His brother and sisters adore him. Truly adore him. And they have from the moment I told them we were having a baby. He was loved and welcomed into the circus crew from the womb.

As far as our planning is concerned, this little man will be our last baby. And knowing that, I have tried very hard to savor every precious moment with this guy. I have never been rushed for him to reach the next milestone or stage. I haven’t minded the nights when he needed Mommy to snuggle him to sleep on the couch or the fact that he held onto his middle of the night feeding longer than any of my other kids did.

I have savored his first year. I love how easily he smiles. I love the way he waves his hands in the air and exclaims with glee when I'm getting ready to feed him. I love that he is my snuggle bug, often falling asleep in my arms at gymnastics or practice.  I love the way his eyes light up when he sees his sisters or brother walk in the room. I love the way he crawls to the gate and says, “Da Da” when Scott comes home from work. I love how he claps his hands and yells a loud grunt when he's at one of his siblings games.  He's the best little cheer leader/encourager!

His laugh, which comes so freely, truly warms your heart and one can't help but smile when he calls out to you and flashes one of his smiles.

We're waiting till later this month to celebrate his first birthday, but I can't help but pause this week and reflect on the gift of joy that God has given our family through this precious lil guy.


  1. My little iBaby ... was destined to be Silas, if she had been a boy. Love seeing little man's precious smile.

  2. I can just tell that he is full of joy! I'm so glad that you have taken the time to enjoy every moment that you have with him. I've tried my best to do the same with Jenny since, like you, as far as our own planning is concerned, she's the last.

  3. *goosebumps!* How can it be that he is a year old already? Seeing those first hospital pictures again makes it feel like it must have been just last week!

    He's obviously, adorable. Undeniably sweet looking and yes, joyful. Your last *planned* baby was indeed, a special blessing!

    Happy 1st birthday sweet Circus baby! The blog world is taken with you also!

  4. I've felt the same way about my biscuit. Three times is a charm for us and I find myself wishing that I could freeze his babyness! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  6. Happy birthday, little man!!! While you're trying to hold onto baby-ness, my boy is anxiously waiting for him to grow up a bit more so they can PLAY together! It's so nice having boy cousins all about the same age. If Eli were there, he'd give your boy a big birthday high-five. I guess we'll wait for the party. :)

  7. Happy 1st Birthday to a truly joyful little man :-) Can't wait to celebrate together. BTW - He looked like he really enjoyed his birthday donut this morning

  8. This post made me all emotional for you because exactly what you are doing with your little guy is what I have been doing with our little guy. Everytime he hits a new milestone, I cry. I can't help it. He's my last baby and I know how everyone says that he will always be my baby. I get that, but when he is 25 I can't say that I will be clapping for him walking. So I've been taking every moment in, too. Enjoying him and loving him and being so grateful that he's our little one! Happy Birthday Circus Baby. You are a blessing to your entire family!

  9. He really is scrumptious! What a sweetheart! Love that infectious smile.


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