Getting a Closer Look


I was so glad Scott had the camera handy to snap this shot of our oldest daughter trying to use the view finder at the zoo the other day.


Too short to see through the peep holes?

No problem, I’ll just hoist myself up there with my own 2 arms and take a closer look.

Yea…at 5 she’s already stronger than her mom.  No way I could do a chin up, and hold it!

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  1. How much do I love this?? CHECK OUT those arm muscles. Have mercy, she puts us to shame, doesn't she?

    SO, SO adorable!

  2. Look at those biceps and the finger grips!!! She is one strong cookie - look out guys!!!

  3. She is so awesome! Does she do rock climbing? Looks like she's a natural. WOW! Love the energy! Girl power!


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