Blast from the Past


I have a little header on my right side bar that says “One Year Ago”  though it will actually list posts from this date either 1, 2, or 3 yrs ago. (Can you believe Life At The Circus is over 3 yrs old?) 

Every now and then I will see  blog title under One Year Ago and it will catch my eye.  I think that tab alone is the motivation for me to keep blogging lately.  I hit a blogging rut this spring where I wasn’t posting or commenting much.  As I read these posts from the past, they provide little snippets into our life then… things I had forgotten and it encourages me to keep posting b/c I don’t want to forgot those precious snippets from today either.  It’s a reminder that even if no one is reading or commenting (besides the ever faithful grandmothers and Happy(Happy you seriously deserve the commenter of the year award… you are so faithful at commenting and your comments are often like mini blog posts themselves… they totally brighten my day and often make me laugh out loud)   I am blogging to preserve a piece of this circus life for later.  Because after watching this post from 3 yrs ago I remembered things I had forgotten, such as…

1.  The fact that my son used to speak in a cute lil cartoon character voice too.  I LOVE when he says, “focusing on the ball” I had totally forgotten that!

2.  How much his Uncle Jim Army uniform is truly a part of his childhood.  Seriously, that uniform is getting tucked in a box when he outgrows it.  (funny thing is the very same day I clicked on this post and watched the video, he was wearing the same Army uniform while playing in the backyard with his sister)

3.  The baby you hear saying dada that I am holding in my arms while videoing is me now almost 4 yr old…3 years later and here I am holding another sweet baby in my arm saying Dada

4.  The baby in Scott’s arms is now our 5 yr old.  (wow was that a crazy stage of life with a 4, 2, and 11mth old)

5.  My son has always been very, very literal.  (I am convinced this kid has a future in either law or the military… hmmm JAG perhaps?)

6.  Scott still watches the US Open on Fathers Day… took me till this year to realize it is on EVERY Father’s Day.  He doesn’t watch it all, but guarantee you he will turn it on at some point on Fathers Day and sit down with the kids and explain it to them.  And I still couldn’t care less about golf… seriously other than perhaps tennis and Nascar… I can’t think of anything more boring to watch.  

Click here and take a stroll with me down memory lane, to June 2008… I had a 4, 2 and 11 mth old.  Life At The Circus was still in its honeymoon phase.  Funny how much has changed and how much hasn’t. 


  1. I am starting to think that your son, like my children expects perfection since there daddy can do anything.

  2. "wow was that a crazy stage of life with a 4, 2, and 11mth old" Heh, heh, I'm reading this and looking into the future, not the past--it's a little more intimidating than nostalgic from this perspective : ) I started counting and realized that that will be me a year and a half from now...

  3. Oh my goodness. Did you really just give me the coolest shout out? You are too kind. I do have ruts too, posting and commenting but I always try to comment on the handful of blogs that I feel really connected to the writer. Because after all, they are one of the neatest things about blogging and I know how much each comment tickles me so I try to pass the love around. My blogging ruts as of late are usually about the fact that I feel like "Happy's" voice has changed over the years and sometimes I think she just isn't as funny anymore. Which poses the question, was she being funny to survive her former life working outside the home and now that she's a SAHM is it just easier to be more even keel?


    In any case, the Circus Family worked its way into my heart from day one and if you ever stop blogging for too long I'd have to come and jar you right out of your rut.


    Your family has grown in size and stature right before my eyes and its sweet to take a look back to the past with you, my friend! Those kiddos are darn tootin hilarious and ridiculously cute and I'm sure they'll keep the fodder coming. Can't wait to see how the little guy adds to things over the years!


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