Who, Me???

Keep it real… I try really hard to make that my mantra in blogging and in life.  That is why I leap at the chance to participate in carnivals like this one, where I can join up wither other real bloggers and rip off any fake facades of perfection.  Because really, who has time for facades when you’re chasing three naked kids around the house, trying to find matching shoes, and attempting to get out the door on time?

So, in the interest of keeping it real, here’s my list of not me moments this past week…

Who was busy on the computer and ignored the sounds of her kids carrying something up the stairs, b/c “hey, they seem to be getting along and surely they aren’t doing anything too out of the ordinary”  only to discover that her 5 and 3 year old had carried this JEEP upstairs and plopped it into the nursery?  Not me…


It also wasn’t me who that same day wrote in twitter about discovering “a bag of doritos, sleeve of crackers, and bag of hot dog buns hidden under daughter's blankets in her room-a hidden midnight stash?”  Not me… I keep a closer watch on my kids than that, come on!

Who served her kids kidney bean sandwiches (at their request) and then made them finish them when they decided they weren’t as good as they thought they would be?  Disgusting, not me….


It certainly wasn’t me who upon discovering a puddle of spilled milk and pee, stopped to snap a picture before cleaning up the mess and putting a diaper back on her youngest piddler?  And not, it wasn’t me whose daughter was running around buck naked.


And while it looked like the circus, it wasn’t me who showed up at swim class last week with her son only wearing one shoe because I was sure the other one was in the van and when it wasn’t didn’t have time to run back in and look for it, so “oh well, go with one, we’re just walking in to the locker room anyway where you’d take it off to go to the pool”…

Remember my garden I worked so hard to prep a few weeks ago?  Well, it is not my veggies that you see sitting on the front window sill two weeks later waiting to be planted.  Nope, not me at all….


  1. Of course, not you!! I love how you keep it so very real here!

  2. Oh that is hilarious! I love the Jeep in the nursery!

  3. You are so great. And boy can I relate to whoever it was that did all of those things! To ALL of it!

    Thinking about your son at swim class with one shoe reminded me of last summer when it was 100 degrees outside and my daughter had to wear her snowboots into the pizza parlor with her sundress because she didn't have any shoes and that's all I could find in the car.

    Or I was thinking about my one and two year old daughters at the time who got up and ate the dozen chocolate cupcakes I had made for Bible Study in their bedroom at 11 PM after I thought they were safely tucked into bed hours before that.

    I guess I could go on and on. Thanks for keeping it real. I'm thankful to know I'm not alone.

  4. It was the pee on the floor next to the spilled milk that did me in!!!! :) As in, I'm not sure what to say! That's so priceless! That is definetely keeping it real! REALLY real!

    As for your son's missing shoe...when you checked the van did you look in the potty????
    That potty cracked me up! However, I'm thinking of doing the same thing...since we're on the go so much it would be a potty training blessing!

  5. Kids can be so strong! I loved your NMM!

  6. Too funny! Thanks for a great NMM!!!

  7. they ASKED for kidney bean sandwiches? well, then of COURSE they have to finish them. that is hysterical!

  8. I love the picture of your son walking with one shoe on to his swim class, I'm cracking up... and the kidney bean sandwiches, I love the picture!

  9. I would have totally made my kids finish their kidney bean sandwiches too!!

  10. this might be my favorite 'series' of posts. or carnival. whatever they're calling it these days. too funny!

  11. Come by my blog today and join in Toot Your Horn Tuesday. It's a fun follow up to these shameless Not Me's!
    Your Not Me's are hilarious!

  12. Hysterical!! I love you and all of your chaos . . . especially your naked, jeep smuggling, kidney bean sandwich chaos : )


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