Life on the Sideline


Life on the sidelines can be rough.  I know, I’ve been there.  Sat the bench for 4 years of high school lacrosse.  But unlike her mother, my little girl sits on the side because she is too young, not because she isn’t good enough.


My daughter is dying to play like her brother.  It is so cute and yet so painful to watch her on the sidelines.  When the coach calls the team to line up at the bench during practice, she is right there with the rest of them.  When he sends them to run laps, she tags behind.  She will sit riveted at the sidelines watching them.  She can’t wait to play soccer and baseball like her brother.  And while I know it is a bit soon to tell, she seems to have some natural athleticism in her. 

My son wants to play soccer again in the fall.  And so does his sister.  Sadly, you have to be 4 to play.  Which means she has one more season on the sideline.

Or does she? I e-mailed the soccer commissioner this afternoon to see if he was planning to have a program for 3 yr olds this season.  Our league hasn’t had one in the past but many leagues in our area do.   I was just checking because I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. 

Here was his response:

“If you wanted to lead the way, I could put you in charge of it.  We would have to setup the parameters of what it is...something like:

1) one day a week...set time Fridays or Mondays would be best.

2) shirts provided

6) We would need some parents lined up as "coaches", Soccer authority on the field.

It would be kind of like an organized play date.  About a $20 cost for shirts, insurance and overhead, painting the lines on the field.

Ha ha… wait a minute… me head up a soccer program? 

The only thing funnier than that thought is the fact that I didn’t say No right away.

I’ve never even played a soccer game.  My expertise in soccer comes from wearing the proud title of soccer mom last fall when my son ran up and down the field pretending to be an airplane

Am I crazy?  Why am I even thinking about this?

Because I love her.

And, if it means stepping out of my comfort zone a little to let my little girl have a chance to play soccer once a week, well, that may be worth it.

Am I crazy?  Should I pursue this or run to the hills?  She’s only 3, she can surely wait a year I know.  I just know she’d enjoy it so much and so the e-mails sits in my inbox as I wait to reply.  What do ya think?


  1. that's a hard question. organized sports or having a bunch of kids over to play soccer in the back yard? i love organizing things and hate it at the same time. so i don't know what you should do. okay, maybe just wait a year and volunteer with her team then and meanwhile have gads of kids over to your house to play pick up games. yeah, that's what i would do. maybe. i'm not much help, am i. sorry!

  2. Well, I'm sure you could find someone to mentor you in the art of soccer sounds like it would be fun!

  3. I totally think you should do it!! I think you would have fun with it!

  4. If anyone could pull it off successfullly, it would be you, my dear! Go for it!

    I wouldn't be able to resist her cute little face watching on the sidelines...if I were the coach I'd just break all the rules and let her play!

  5. i say go for it! pick up a copy of "soccer for dummies" (surely that exists) and step out of that comfort zone. i know another mom of a 3 year old little boy in your area with quite an accomplished soccer background who may just be willing to enter into this adventure with you! simply a thought...the kids will be so thrilled to be playing like the big kids that they won't know the difference if it's not the most well-coached team in the world. as long as they are having fun and getting some gross-motor and social development, that's all that matters!

  6. Do it! you don't have to coach you just have to organize!

  7. Dang...have I ever been there. I used to sit on the sidelines for every single little league season of all three brothers. That's ok though...they still come and sit on the sidelines at my concerts.

  8. I usually have an opinion, but I don't this time. It seems like a big task, but maybe it really wouldn't be that much work. Do you know anyone who would be willing to coach?

  9. You have gone in to other things and did it right.
    Just think back to other things you did . If you do it know you will do it right


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