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While most of America celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, the circus family did not.   Shh…Please don’t tell the circus children.  They think Father’s Day is next week, because that’s when we are celebrating it.  We paint pumpkins in Nov and build gingerbread houses in Jan, so why can’t we celebrate dear old dad one week late?  Yes, we are shamelessly pulling the wool over our innocent children’s eyes.

Scott and I wanted to get away for a weekend alone, just the two of us, as our  gift to each other for our 30th birthdays this year.  While Scott’s birthday was at the end of May and mine is in mid July, the only weekend between the two that would work for us happened to fall on Father’s Day weekend.  Scott said he didn’t mind celebrating a week late and we figured the kids were young enough to not notice the difference, so away we went. 

We dropped the kids off Friday afternoon at my in laws and headed for a short drive to our nation’s capital.  First stop…Chick-Fil-A of course!  (in my rush to pack the kids, the dog, Scott and me, and get myself primped and prettied, I ran out of time to fix lunch for the two of us). 

We stayed at the Gaylord National right across the Potomac River from historic old down Alexandria, Va.  The newly built hotel was luxurious!  We enjoyed an evening on the waterfront on Friday and a day in D.C. on Saturday.  We had so much fun! 

U.S.Capital Building We’ve both been fortunate enough to grow up close to the nation’s capital.  We’ve seen the monuments and museums on numerous occasions.  But we’ve found over the years that we appreciate them all the more as adults.  We enjoy taking advantage of our proximity to the district.  Saturday we spent some time walking around the capital, enjoying lunch at a local microbrewery, and then the afternoon at the art museum.  Scott and I visited the National Gallery of Art for a field trip in High School, but haven’t returned since.  We’ve been wanting to get back there, but it isn’t quite circus children proof!  Can you just picture my little “artists” loose in there?  No, thank you.  This was a perfect date activity (and it’s even free)!  We enjoyed talking about the paintings, picking which ones we’d want on our walls if we could. 

It might surprise you to learn that Scott has a deep appreciation for modern art.  He was particularly taken with this one.

Burgoyne Diller's First Theme, 1964

This however, was the one we both liked the best of all we saw that day.  Notice the painting within the painting?  Anyone want to buy it for our living room?

Rene Magritte's La condition humaine, 1933

I was taken with the Small French Paintings.  I was particularly struck by the fact that I was standing right in front of a piece of art that the real Monet, or Matisse, or Degas painted many years ago.  These weren’t prints.  These were the real deal!  The same artists I read about in school, some of the same prints I had studied, were there, right in front of my face! I am not an art connoisseur by any stretch.  But I did have an appreciation for the beauty and history before my eyes.

After an afternoon with the art, we took a walk to the WW II Memorial.  We’ve been wanting to visit it since it was built a few years ago, but hadn’t made it over that way.  My favorite part was seeing a real WW II veteran walk through the memorial.  Scott ran over to thank him.  I wanted the whole place to give him a standing ovation.  While I noticed he did get greeted a few times, sadly he went unnoticed by most of the visitors. 

It was one of the most perfect days I’ve had with Scott in a long time.  I am thankful to be married to my best friend and for the time we got to spend away together.  However, I was very eager to see my children this morning!   I missed them a lot!

I look forward this week to preparing some special things for Father’s Day next Sunday and the day we’ll spend as a family honoring Scott for the terrific Daddy he is!  Some people march to the beat of their own drums, here at the circus we celebrate at the whim of our own calendar!


  1. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAYS to you both :-)
    I am so glad that you value and cherish your marriage enough to make special time for each other. It has been something your Dad and I tried to do since our pre-wedding counseling days. He still is my BEST friend. Now that our children are grown and busy with their families, it is great to be friends and spend time together at this age!

  2. Jesse would be so proud of your art appreciation! though, i didn't realize you were allowed to take pictures of the art. did you have to be super-sneaky? i thought of you guys alot this weekend and i wanted to pick up the phone often to see what you were up to. but, alas, i thought i'd let you enjoy your romantic weekend w/o me. glad it was a blast.

  3. I'm glad you had a great time! I love the small french work too. thought some of my favorite works are northern Renaissance. They Painted life.

  4. No worries Stella, we weren't breaking the law! You are indeed allowed to take pictures of the paintings. Only the privately owned art works which are being lent to the gallery for a display, are not allowed to be photographed. We asked how to know which ones they were and they said, they would stop us when we were taking an "illegal" picture. And I believe they would, there were guards in every room!

  5. I can't think of a couple more deserving of a great weekend than you guys. SO glad you had fun!

  6. When Dave went to college park we always had "dates" in DC- so many memories there! We love going several times a year, now with the children- I would love to go as a couple again too! Glad you had a refreshing time!

  7. Welcome back! So glad you had a good trip! We tend to celebrate things at different times too. Generally, we have a joint birthday party for the girls in November. Their birthdays are in December, but it's too close to Christmas!

  8. Sounds awesome girl! Was just about to email you and find out how things went! So glad you got such great time with your sweet man! Just booked our reservations! Can't wait to get out of here and celebrate with my sweet man! Hooray for getting away!

  9. that sounds like SO Much fun! congratulations and happy birthday!

  10. It sounds like such a nice weekend! We are actually going to be staying in that same hotel in February!

  11. We celebrate holidays when it's most convenient for us around here too. In fact, my extended family rarely gets together ON holidays anymore because far less people would come if we actually met on Christmas (for example). It is far more important to see my aunts, uncles, cousins and their children than it is to celebrate on a particular day.

    Glad you got to take a trip away with Scott. I love those mini vacations. Happy 30th!!!


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