Tough Week


I knew being a mom wouldn’t be easy.  And I’ve survived the middle of the night feedings, the tantrums of the terrible twos, the struggle for independence…but that all feels like child play compared to the task of this week.

This week I was reminded of the fact that sometimes there is very little a mom can do to protect her young from getting hurt.  Sending your children off into the world, is like sending your heart out there, exposed for the world to trample on.

I may be exaggerating… but only a little

This was a tough week for my five year old.  First some of the kids at baseball practice were teasing him.   They kept calling him “pretty”.   It was one of his first times being the butt of a “joke” and it bothered him.  


Then, when I picked him up from Sunday School he told me one of his “friends” from class didn’t want to sit beside him that day.  He apparently even said, “I don’t like you”.  My poor son just doesn't understand how to deal with this stuff yet.

Double ouch!

As much as I wish I could step in and point out to these boys, many of the wonderful characteristics about my son, I know that wouldn’t help his situation.  At all

Instead, I try my best to comfort him.  To poke holes into their jabs and to delicately explain to him that in life, everyone isn’t going to be nice to him all the time. Everyone he meets won’t be his friend.   I try to reassure him and encourage him and point out how words can hurt and that we need to be careful about what we say to others. 

But, man is it hard.  My mother bear instincts raise up and I wish I could shield him from the hurt.  But I can’t.  Sheltering him won’t work either.

And so it begins…I’m guessing it’s not going to get any easier.

I hate this part.


  1. Awww Crystal I feel for you I will keep you and your little man in my prayers. Remind him that even Jesus had people call him names.

  2. I'm so sorry!! I'll be praying for you and for wisdom in how to handle this new challenge.

  3. Oh, I feel you on this one. I've seen kids not want to play with Jack and I wanna go over and pounce on them. It's SO hard. All we can do is pray for wisdom - as Monica said.

    But, man, this is a doozy. I'm with you on that.

  4. Oh no - how sad. Even though we know it's part of life, it is so hard to see our kids experience that type of rejection. It either brings out my inner mama bear or makes me want to cry. Sometimes it's harder on us than them!

  5. Crystal, Crystal, Crystal,
    I am sooooo sorry. Scott had the same problem when he was in school. I felt so much like you. If it helps look what Scott grew up to be.

    ps. I like what homegrownstrawberries said, "Remind him that even Jesus had people call him names." and he never responded in with violence.

  6. that just makes my heart break. is there such thing as an Auntie Bear, because she's ready to attack. i wish i could give him a little hug right now...

  7. That makes be horribly sad...I wish he didn't have to experience this sort of thing...and that you didn't have to either! Poor guy. :(

    I'm not sure who feels worse in these situations, the child who experiences the rejection, or the mama who can't make it better!

  8. Yuck! Sometimes it is so clear that we are born sinful to the core. Sorry your sweet boy is finding out how cruel this world can be. At least he will ALWAYS know his mama loves him. ;o)

  9. Yeah, this is going to be tough for me as well. I try to protect Pebbles from everything...but we can't. It's life's lessons I suppose and he knows he has a safe place to fall at home.

  10. I am so sorry you have had a rough week. There is not much worse than seeing your children hurt (physically or emotionally). I know that he is so blessed to have you for his mom, and that the Lord will give great grace as he learns about how life can be sometimes.

  11. Uh, that is really tough. I am not even his mother and I want to pounce on those mean kids! I am glad you can go first in this area and I can learn what to do from you before I start beating up small children and their parents.

  12. Watching our children hurting is so hard. Poor guy! Learning life's lessons can be so painful.


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