Weekend Thoughts: Free Falling


My youngest child is fearless. 


When we go to the playground she’s off and running, climbing to the top of the big slide, coming and going without looking back.   She’ll slide down the stairs of my house with the speed of a bob sled racer.   She tries very hard to keep up with her older siblings and she does it well.

The other day we were at a cookout and the kids were clamoring around a tree stump catching toads.   My friend wondered how my little girl would do in a trust fall.   So, Daddy stuck her up on the stump and had her fall backwards into his arms. 

She went without hesitation. 

Like almost every thing with our crew, once one kid does it the others want to follow in suit.  The older two then followed. 

But unlike their little sister, they looked back the first time to make sure Daddy was there.

As my friends and I were looking on we wondered if my youngest gals ability to free fall was truly trust or if it was due to her fearless nature or her age. 

While her leap of faith may have looked more impressive, I think it was my cautious son that actually displayed true trust.  As he stood up on that tree stump, he recognized how high he was.  And he looked back to see if Daddy was there to catch him.  Once he saw him, he fell freely into his Daddy’s arms trusting that he would indeed catch him when he fell.


Not because he is my daredevil who loves a good thrill. 

Because his Daddy has proven himself worthy of his trust over the past 5 years.  His Daddy is a man of his word.  If he says, he’ll catch him, my son knew he would.  His Daddy is strong.  He’s held him in his arms before, carried him high and never let him go. 

And so, my son trusted him and fell back into his arms.

It reminds me of myself and my heavenly Father.  I’ve known the Lord most of my life.   I have seen His hand of providence time and time again.  And I know God is who He says he is.

So, when I face situations where I need to trust him I can.  Not because I don’t know the stakes.  Not because I have no fear.  But because I know that my heavenly Father is always there to catch me in his most capable arms. 

What’s been on your mind this week? Read something in a Bible study that got you thinking?  Heard a song lyric that touched your heart?  Realized something about yourself that maybe you hadn’t thought of before?  Have a great “aha” moment?   Please share.  I’d love to sit and have a heart to heart with you dear friend.


  1. This is so true! What a beautiful example of how we can trust our Heavenly Father!

  2. mine is evil kanevil, i swear. scares the shit out of me sometimes. good luck with your little daredevil xD

  3. a beautiful picture for you to see how our FAther loves us! gives me chills. oh, and i tagged you on my blog. if you've already particpated, you don't have to do it, but i wanted to let you know!

  4. What a wonderful analogy and a beautiful picture of our trust in our Heavenly Father. Thank you for this post!

  5. I love your weekend thoughts...I really do. They are like reading a devotional...you should make a booklet of them!

  6. Well written, Crystal. This one really stirred my heart. Thanks.

  7. This was a great post! Very true for me, too!


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