Making Jam Circus Style


If you’re anything like me, you don’t really need one more reason to enjoy carbs.   Yet, I can’t help but share my favorite.  One of my mom’s most highly requested recipes growing up was for her strawberry jam.  She always got a kick out it when people asked her if she would please share it.

So, here’s the family secret.

Sure Jell freezer jam

Yup, buy yourself a box of Sure Jell, add 4 cups of crushed berries, and 4 cups of sugar, and you are set!   It really is as easy as pour and stir!

Can you figure out who is stirring this?

After berry picking with the kids last week, I was eager to stock up my freezer with our favorite jam.  Unfortunately, we ate all of our labor, so instead I used a bag of frozen berries from the store.  Truth be told, I think it tastes just as good. 

IMG_8683Now that I have eager kitchen helpers, I have tried Ball’s version. Unlike Sure Jell, this one requires 1 and a half cup of sugar and the pectin doesn’t need to be heated.  This is really my favorite part, as the kids are able to participate in each step.  I will be honest though,  it isn’t as good as Mom’s original.  It is more soupy and tastes more like crushed berries on your toast, rather then true jam.  This year I decided to make both kinds, so that the kids could participate in it AND I could have the good ol’ jam of my youth. 

Even the youngest circus member contributed to the delicious spread!


Of course, there’s is something I didn’t tell you…only at the circus, would you find all three kiddos making jam in their undies at 3:00 in the afternoon!! 


And since I’m sharing circus bloopers with you, why not throw in this pic as well?  Whose daughter is that laying out on the table like a bikini model?  (Notice my son’s hand in the bottom left corner?  He grabbed his camera to take a pic and when he did then I  noticed her mischief… After grabbing my camera, I then scolded her to get off the table)!



  1. *Salivating* Goodness does some jam and toast sound really good right about now...or some jam on an English muffin...hmmnn...dang it! I don't need carbs at eleven o'clock at night!!!

    The Circus crew jam sure looks yummy, though! I'm sure that whole making it in your undies really adds a "special something" to the process.

    You'll appreciate the fact that I was sending the kids to play out back while Derek grilled and Noah had on a shirt and a diaper...I sent him out. Derek sent him back in for shorts. C'mon...I think he needs to read some Circus Life so he realizes playing outside in your diaper is okay! (With a shirt on...)

  2. I'm excited to try your recipe. I've always loved freezer jam. : ) I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's kids aren't dressed at 3 in the afternoon.

    By the way, I think we have the same table.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I have used it before myself. Made a super tart ans sweet cherry star fruit jelly. My step mother in law uses that to make blackberry strawberry jam. (don't tell her I can notice the difference)

  4. Thanks !! I still use my favorite SureJell recipe. I tried this year to stock up the freezer after picking my own fresh berries. Praying for no power outage this year! (lost 3 batches last year :-( with many loaves of homemade zucchini bread)

  5. Have you ever tried the jelly made from grape juice? Just wondering. I don't use enough jelly to really justify making it, though that strawberry jam is inspiring.

    I also want to say that my children are just as prone to be in their undies as yours and (I am sure), have of the children in this country. Really, why dirty another piece of clothing? Also, they just seem to take of their clothes whenever they want.

    My sister Laura used to "undress" in the car on the way to church. That girl loved to be naked....and she turned out just fine :)

  6. your mom really does make the best jam. i didn't realize it was so easy! i would love some right now. though, i might wear more than my undies.


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