In the Elevator


There is something alluring, almost magical about the buttons on an elevator.  My kids enthusiastically clamor for the opportunity to press the shiny buttons both outside and inside of the elevator. 

We have a routine when entering elevators which typically works flawlessly. 

One child pushes the button on the outside.  The second child then pushes the same button. 

Once inside they each get a turn pushing the button for the floor we want to go on.  It’s a great opportunity to work on number recognition. 

And of course, the youngest can’t be left out in all this button pushing fun.

Typically elevators are equipped with a little door under the buttons which has a little key lock thing.  We tell her that is her button and she can push it.  She’s happy, and we don’t have to worry about hitting the fire alarm or calling security. 

Most of the time

But all good plans have their flaws, don’t they?

Friday the kids and I were in Borders Bookstore.   Because who doesn’t want to bring their three children to a store full of bookshelves and cd’s and other fun items to toss onto the floor? 

No worries though because this time I came prepared with the double stroller. 

Of course the double stroller also ensured the need to ride the elevator.

We rode up, each kid taking their turns pushing the buttons, however this elevator didn’t come equipped with the decoy button.   No problems though b/c my youngest found a nice black button with a phone on it to push. 

Of course I didn’t realize this until we were getting out of the elevator and I maybe heard a speaker phone thing come on. 

It wasn’t me who ignored that muffled voice b/c I was already half way out of the elevator and eager to get our errand over with. 

After wandering up and down each of the cd rows and coming up empty handed, we returned to the elevator.  Probably 5-10 minutes after we left it.

As we entered the elevator I could hear that same muffled voice repeating, “Hello this is security is there a problem in the elevator?  Hello, this is security is there a problem in the elevator?”

“Hello, I answered, we just entered the elevator, no one else is here, someone must have pushed the button earlier and left.”

(No idea who that could have been…. Not Me or my circus crew)


  1. great story. because, really, you didn't lie. well executed, Crystal. ha!

  2. LOL...I hope she doesn't put two and two together (phone button = voice on the elevator) and try it again!

  3. That's funny, Crystal!

  4. Wow... Such fun I had a similar problem on an Elevator at UMBC only it was packed full of professors at the time so I had to fess up But they all were amused by the cute little girl so... it worked out I guess.

  5. How funny! I guess you didn't "Technically" lie! At least you guys were alone in the elevator....

    I am still stuck on how you managed three kids in Borders...even with a double stroller. That's skill! Anything else of interest happen once in the bookstore??

  6. It is really dumb that 5/10 minutes later they were still just asking and not actually coming to check. I mean, if there was a problem what would anyone being on there actually have done?!

  7. That is too funny! My kids love pressing elevator buttons too. When my oldest was little, she called elevators "alligators". Kind of sad that she finally learned to call them by the right name!

    We've been without internet for 10 days, so I'm sorry I missed Weekend Thoughts this time around. I will link up again this Saturday! :)


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