The Summer of Swimming


This spring I declared that this summer, summer of 2009 would be the circus family’s summer of swimming.  The past several summers I’ve either had an infant or been ready to pop and really haven’t devoted the time necessary to teach my crew how to swim.   I’ve given some half hearted attempts, but the bottom line is my kids can’t swim.

And when you live near the bay as we do, it really is a necessity. 

So in I signed the oldest two up for swimming lessons back in April at the local Y.  I was thrilled with the progress they were  making, so I signed them up for the next level.  I also learned that I can pay a small fee and swim in the same pool with my youngest while her older siblings were getting lessons.  This really was the perfect situation for us.  My oldest two were getting instruction and my youngest was getting one on one time in the water with mommy.  (A treat  neither of her older siblings received with this regularity and at this young age).

For two days a week for the past 6 weeks or so the four of us have gone to the locker room, changed into our suits, paraded down past the swim team lap pool, and into the pool where we had our lessons.  After which we paraded back down through the lap pool and all those high school “Micheal Phelps wanna be’s” and into the locker room to get changed and head home for dinner. 

Every week, twice a week for about 6 weeks.

Last Friday was to be the culmination of all of our effort.  I took the kids to the beach in our neighborhood.  We had a grand time splashing in the water, floating on noodles, playing ring around the rosie… I was loving it.  “We’ll do this every week for the whole summer I promised, at least twice a week.”  We dug sand castles, buried treasure, found the treasure…all the while I am marveling in the perfection of the situation.  Beautiful sunny day, kids comfortable in the water, this is the stuff dreams are made of.  The kids are gonna look back on these years of playing in the river with such fondness.

I called my husband and told him to meet us at the beach after work.  The kids and I played some more while we waited for him to join us. 

Now I have to tell you that like most girls, I am not all that crazy about walking around in a swim suit.  Let’s face it, my body isn’t what it was when I was first married and wearing my bikini on our honeymoon.   But, I didn’t want to let a little self consciousness ruin the wonderful time I could have with my kids.  So I told myself, “Just embrace it.  Don’t tie a towel around your waist, just have fun and be you.”

Well, Daddy came and joined us at the beach, much to our delight.  We showed off our new found water confidence and swimming skills.  Then Scott yelled over to me with a voice of concern.

“Crystal, come here now!”

I instantly panicked, but saw all three kids safe and sound.  Wondering what could be his cause for alarm I ran over to him.

“Crystal, your bathing suit is completely see through in the back,” he told me.  I instantly ducked down in the water and he ran to get me a towel.

“But, I’ve been wearing this to swim lessons the past two months…”

Ah, the horror!

I kept putting off buying a new suit.  I already told you I didn’t swim much over the past few years.   And I had this old one in my drawer from high school.  Truth be told, I’ve hated this green suit since I bought it for 9.99 at Walmart back in the mid nineties.  But, who really likes swim suit shopping and  since it was was stretchy, it fit and got the job done…

or so I thought

I went out this weekend and got a new suit (Scott told me I could leave right then on the spot if I wanted and he would take care of the kids. Yea it was THAT bad).   If this is going to be the summer of swimming, then I gotta have a suit that gets the job done, for real.


  1. I'm at a loss for words! Too funny!
    You definitely need to share pictures of the old and new suits - I would love to see this decade old see through suit (not on you though!). But seriously, I bet you were still more covered up than most of the people on the beach.
    Also, how cool that you have a beach in your neighborhood. That would be paradise!

  2. Well, hopefully people were looking at how cute your kids are and didn't notice, right? At least you KNOW you got your money's worth, and then some!! :)

  3. PICTURES!!!!!! Just lay the suits out on your bed and take some shots of the suits themselves. You don't have to model them for us. But we should at least see them.

    I cannot believe this happened to you. I'm actually really surprised that none of the Michael Phelp wananbe's didn't give you any strange looks or that your own son who's so clever didn't come up with anything about being able to see mommy's bum. I suppose he must think that's how all the mom's go to swim lessons!!!! :) lol.

  4. hi.lar.i.ous!!!! i mean, terrifying!! ok, both! i agree that pictures are a must!

  5. Andrea WilliamsTuesday, June 16, 2009

    Maybe the outdoor lighting made it more see through and it wasn't as see through when you were inside??

  6. oh the HORROR indeed! I was just thinking about, make that Dreading, the first time i will don the swimsuit this year. I fully intend to just "embrace it" as you said so well and just have fun. I would hate to let my kids not go swimming and get that together time b/c I hate wearing a suit.

    ps I can't recall the last time I went out and bought a bathing suit either!

  7. Oh my goodness...I'm dying of embarrassment for you! (And don't read too much into my choice of pun intended!) Thankfully you finally found out about it...and at least it was the back that became see-through, and not the front!!!

  8. Crystal, all I can say is, "I love you and thank you for a good laugh."

  9. We have seen Scott and the three circus kiddos with underwear on their heads so where is/are the photos of the bathing suits? (on the bed, of course.)

  10. Oh wow! you poor thing! I get a new suit just about every year, but that's because I have been changing enough with having 2 two kids and gaining and then losing weight that I needed to. I'm glad that you got that fixed.

  11. Oh my gosh! What a funny story...well not funny for you I know. I'm actually beat red for you reading this, but those are the times in life you just have to laugh at, right?

    I was so jealous of the idea of having a "neighborhood beach." We live in the middle of a desert and don't even have a neighborhood pool. You are so lucky.

    Enjoy your swimming summer and your new suit! I'm with Rebecca, we need pictures!

  12. i can not even imagine. at least Scott pointed it out to you and not a stranger. did you notice your kids' swim lessons were always well attended? now we know why!

  13. lol! lol! oh, my goodness! lol! i can just picture MY husband saying something like that and frantically getting me to fix it! that is SO funny!

  14. Oh, no! You poor thing!!! You have the best attitude about things, though. And at least you can use all these embarrasing moments as good blog fodder, huh?

  15.!!! I so did not see that coming! Yeah, I would say you've gotten your money's worth out of that suit. Time to spring for a new one. ;o)


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