How are You?


“How are you?”  This simple phrase is uttered countless times a day.  Though typically without the asker really wanting or waiting for a reply.

“Hi How are you?”

You say it the grocery store clerk, the man on the sidewalk, the telemarketer…and yet, honestly, how often do you wait or listen to the response?

The expected response is “Good, How are you?”

My kids could have been screaming at the top of their lungs , the dog just pooped on the rug again, and my sink is clogged and over flowing, and yet I smile and answer “Good, how are you?” to the stranger on the other end of the phone whose calling to get me to donate money. 

Almost every single time I’m asked that question, my answer is fine or good.

My kids on the other hand are a different story.

To that sweet old lady behind us at the grocery store who smiles at my daughter as she sits in the grocery cart, my daughter will respond.


To the mom at the pool as we get ready for swim lessons, my son will say, “Bad.”

To the waiter at the restaurant whose serving my daughter her drink of choice…

“Bad,” my 3 year old will say as she looks up and smiles with delight.

Someday, somewhere, for some reason, one of my circus crew got a reaction from some sweet, unsuspecting person when we were out and about.   And as is the case with most habits, particularly those less than desirable ones, all three children follow along. 

So…really, honestly, how are you today? 


  1. That's funny....I wonder when their little habit started. I usually say "good" as well, and even sometimes I'm thinking at the same time that I'm not being totally honest.

  2. I'm usually honest--as far as I say, "Well ok", if things are not great, and I say "Great!" if they are. Right now, I've just had 5 hours to myself, since I accidentally stayed up all night, so I'm GREAT!

  3. You know that question at the end of this post was what started a wonderful romance for a friend of mine and they just recently had there first child. It make me smile because of that.

  4. There's this boy who bags groceries at our Giant Eagle and he always asks us how we are and I reply, "Good, how are you?" He then proceeds to tell me every reason in the world why he's good. I love it, though. He's my favorite bagger. I will wait in an extra long line just for him.

    I torture telemarketers so let's not go there.

    Seriously, it's should try it sometime.

    Your kids are hilarious. I love their reply!

  5. Joey always responds with "I'm Snake Eyes."

  6. Oh my gosh, kids are so funny!!

  7. I'm the one who always says "I'm in a bad mood" or something like that that the asker most likely didn't want to hear! For some reason I feel like saying "good" or "fine" doesn't cut it (even though that's what I want to say) and I end up spilling more than necessary!


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