Playing Dress Up

Since yesterday was our anniversary, the kids asked if they could see my wedding dress.  After my mom made my dress 8 years ago, I remember us discussing whether I should get it preserved or not.  Her advice was not to so that I could get it out to look at and enjoy over the years.  I am glad I took her advice.

There was something very special about pulling my dress out of the back of the closet and showing it to my children.

They thought it looked like a princess dress and begged me to put it on.

At first I protested b/c I knew I wouldn’t fit in it like I did 8 years ago. They rebutted that the dress looked really big (the train was completely baffling to them… why is mommy’s dress so long?).  I decided I could put it on even if it didn’t zip up all the way.

They wanted me to twirl and my oldest daughter instantly wanted to put on her princess dress and wear my crown and veil.


Then the two of us eagerly waited to surprise Daddy when he got home from work.

My son greeted him at the door and said, “Dad, you’ve got to see mom, she is SO beautiful!”

Dad came home with a dozen roses and we talked about the beautiful flowers Mommy carried 8 years ago.


Weddings are special.  The kids are grasping that already.  And while marriage is about a whole lot more than flowers and pretty dresses, they still hold a special place in marriage as well.  Sometimes you gotta mix in a little of the wonder and excitement in the midst of the cooking, cleaning, and everyday living.


  1. Scott (Circus Hubby)Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    Our son was right. And you're still as beautiful as you were 8 years ago. Definitely a nice way to be greeted coming home from work.

  2. First, Scott's comment just made me cry!

    I love your dress - and I TOTALLY agree with your Mom. I didn't preserve my dress for the same reason. I just couldn't stick it in a box and forget about it.

    Maybe I'll pull mine out this December when we celebrate 8!! :):)

    Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds!

  3. I should totally pull the ol' dress out of the back of the closet in August. My kids go crazy when I put on nylons once a year ... imagine a fancy dress.

  4. Melting at Scott's comment...

    You are such a fun mom.

  5. Geez Crystal...tears first thing in the morning at work! My boss is going to think I'm having a hormonal pregnant moment.

    Between that last picture, your sentiments, your kids, and Scott's comment I'm a big ball of tears (and goosebumps) over here!

    What a beautiful beautiful dress! I love love love that you put it on yesterday! That last picture is a framer in my mind.

    This is my new favorite post...!

  6. What a great little story to start my morning! and what a beautiful picture of you & your little blessings! Happy Anniversary!

  7. This was a great way to start the day. Happy Anniversary! Our 10 year anniversary is on the 19th. It's amazing how fast the time flies, isn't it?

    Your dress is beautiful (and so are you!) I can't believe your mom sewed your dress. She is a very talented seamstress. : )

  8. What a great way to celebrate such a special day and many years of togetherness!! I am so glad that you are always using such teachable moments with the kids. Hope that you and Scott had a great dinner date. Loved Scott's comment :-)

  9. I love Scott's comment! You all look wonderful!

  10. and the tears keep coming. you guys make such a great family.

  11. Crystal you are one beautiful woman, inside and out! So glad you are enjoying these moments with your children and with your dear sweet man! Love you tons girlie!

  12. That is so sweet...what a special time for your family!

  13. that's so awesome! i like your mom's advice. why not enjoy it with your kids. that is SUCH a great idea. and you did. even just the one time makes it worth it.

  14. I love that you took the opportunity to put your wedding dress on for your children. And I am crying at Scott's comment, too. I simply adore your precious family!!!!


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