Who Says That?


My son has always been a thinker, thinking things through one step ahead and drawing some unpredictable conclusions.  The following conversation took place last week between my son and his Daddy.

Son: Dad, I really want to go fishing.
Dad: Oh, that does sound like fun.  The bummer though is that it's not fishing season so we can't go fishing.
Son: Why is it not fishing season?
Dad: Well, if we fished all the time we would run out of fish to fish.  Instead, we give them a break so they have a chance to have babies and make more fish.
Son:  So then we can destroy the families and eat them?


  1. i don't really know how to comment on that one. how does he come up with that stuff?

  2. He really comes up with some cute, unexpected comments. LOL

  3. Your son is very sensitive to the concept of family and family values.

  4. The Girl had a very similar thought process about thee earthworms in my garden and the robins. Every worm she found was given a place in the great worm family.

  5. Scott (Crystal's Hubby)Monday, April 27, 2009

    Nana, there is no doubt our son is careful to always find the family connections in any relationship but, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to confess that after pausing to think it through, the tone of his final reply was definitely "ok, I guess they can have their little break but then we're gonna get back to work!"

    It's funny that while he took the time to think through the consequences of fishing, in this case it really didn't bother him too much. Seriously, who says that ... "so then we can destroy the families and eat them"...

  6. LOL! I guess it is true if not a little morbid. : )

  7. Wow...here I was thinking about how sensitive your little boy is...not when it comes to fish, huh? I guess his theory is that there really are a bunch of other fish in the sea!!!

  8. HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Jack told me today: "I broke that ant's head off." Boys. Gotta love 'em.


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