Just the Three of Us

Timely, we are not.

But we do follow through…eventually.

We promised our daughter on her third birthday in early Feb, that her gift from us would be a special trip with Mommy and Daddy to make her own teddy bear.

Two months later, the magical moment happened.

After dropping her siblings off at Nana and Pop’s, Scott and I realized this was the first time we had spent time, just the three of us, since she was in the hospital three years ago!

Here she is putting a heart into her new dog, Biscuit.IMG_5137

Then she and Daddy washed him off at the bath tub.  (This was by far her favorite part of the event, she went back over here numerous times to clean him up).


Her new friend!


Then she thought Mommy should have a turn at the cool bath tub, while SHE took a picture!


A good time was had by all!  Nothing like stretching things out a bit and making her birthday last a bit longer!


  1. She is just too cute!!! I'm so slad that you were able to find time with just her. It looks like it really meant a lot.

  2. What a cute idea! We were thinking of taking The Girl to make a bear for her brother and one for herself when The Boy was born but it out of our budget what with just buying a house and all.

  3. I cannot wait to take Caroline to Build A Bear...how fun! What a sweet evening out for the three of you...those pictures of her and Biscuit are adorable!

    I love the expressions on her face...pure bliss and innocence all rolled into one!

  4. she looks so happy. and super-cute in what i'm going to call her "date outfit". (you're not looking too shabby, either!) i'm glad the three of you had such a good time. is she treasuring Biscuit with all her love??

  5. What a terrific gift - time with
    Mom and Dad - and a new "friend" She looks extremely happy.

  6. She is so precious! We talked about doing this with our girls, but haven't yet. This definitely inspires me to go for it!!

  7. That sounds like fun!

    Jordan and I are already planning to take Rose out for a special day for her birthday this year, in lieu of throwing a birthday party. The way we see it, with all the babies around our house, the most precious gift we could give her is a whole day of her parents' attention!


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