The World’s Most Expensive Pint of Ice Cream


Besides taking in the beautiful scenery (of which there was much) at Guadalupe and Big Bend National Parks, we really enjoyed being able to just be together (most of the time).   Each day at Big Bend we took a very, long picnic lunch.  One day we went to the western portion of the park and enjoyed a leisurely picnic.  I thought it would be fun to make our own ice cream in coffee cans using a recipe I had found online.  This was a lot of fun.  I gotta admit it wasn’t all that cost effective since I first had to buy the cans of coffee, just for the cans, but we had a great time.  (Yes, $9 in sunk costs right there… if I had been at home I am sure I could have gotten an empty can from a friend or something, but we had no spare room in our suitcases for empty coffee cans). IMG_6001  The kids enjoyed rolling the can back and forth and then Scott and I took turns kicking it up and back across a field to really get it working.  IMG_5995I was so happy it worked!  (We would have had a very disappointed circus crew if it didn’t work)!



After enjoying our home made dessert, we saw a wild javelina across the way!

IMG_6017 (blog edit)

1 lb coffee can…..$3

5lb coffee can…..$6

rock salt…..$2.99

chocolate syrup…..$2.50

whipping cream….$2.00 (was supposed to have used half and half)

sugar….(borrowed from my gracious SIL)

2 egg beaters……$3.00


smiling circus crew……PRICELESS!!



  1. Truly Priceless!

    Did you & Scott take your pics by the Park Sign??

  2. Awwww....that is absolutely priceless!! What a fun activity!

    Keith loves to take the kids on picnic lunches, I hope we can do that lots this summer.

  3. We have a ball that is designed to do just that it was given to me for Christmas I am looking forward to getting to use it. I'd say about once a month or so The Girl casually suggests how something we are eatting could be used to make a yummy ice cream flavor and we should try it. I keep reminding her that it need to be warm enough to play with it out side... I don't think that excuse will work much longer. :-)

  4. i was just thinking the same thing as homegrown. "they should have just gotten one of those ice cream balls." oh well. josh actually has some at work that we were thinking could be a fun addition to labor day this year. and since your crew is experienced, they can lead the rest of the pack.

  5. To Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny - I mean fun!

  6. I just have to know - what did you do with all the coffee?!!
    What a fun fun way thing to do - make ice cream while at a national park! And I bet it was not only tasty, but also helpful in soothing any sore throats!
    I think the experience was worth the cost!

  7. Worth every penny I would say!! Look at those smiles :-) They don't look whiny there. Glad there were some great moments among the difficult times.


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