Traveling Circus


Our bags are packed, checked, we’ve passed security, and now the circus crew is sitting in the terminal snacking on bagels, waiting to board the plane for El Paso (well, to Jackson to Huston to El Paso)!


You haven’t see the circus till you’ve see 2 adults, three preschoolers, our 8 checked bags and our 4 carry on items go through the check in line and security.  Let’s throw in a little reshuffling of items in our bags to try and make all of our bags meet the weight limit. 

And security… gotta love security… taking off all 5 pairs of shoes, putting them on, and forcing our toddler to part with her beloved baby while they “took a picture” of it. 

But we made it.  And with time to blog even (while kids eat and watch the planes)!! 

Texas here we come!  We’ve got a grand vacation planned.  We’ll be visiting Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim, camping in two national parks, and spending Easter with Scott’s cousin and his family!  We are psyched!!   While I won’t be able to comment frequently, I do plan to blog about our adventures.   So be sure and check back to see Life at the Traveling Circus!  I’ve even got some guest posts lined up to blog while we are out of WiFi range.

Keep us in your prayers and wish our fellow passengers luck and patience (the circus can be loud)!


(this was written in the terminal because they had “wifi” but it turns out it wasn’t free so I guess it won’t post till later.)


  1. Good luck! I hope your trip is fun relaxing and rewarding.

  2. I cannot imagine flying with three children. Will you be playing The Quiet Game on the plane?

  3. Hope you all have the best time!!!

  4. can't wait to hear more from the traveling circus! josh was wondering if you will be hitting big bend. and once again, he's a little jealous!

  5. You are one devoted blogger - I look foward to reading about your adventures. Traveling cross country with three'll definitely have a lot to share!

  6. Great pics! I'm glad you had a good time! I love your new blog look. Very cute.


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