What a Girl Wants


Today was a big day in the life of sibling relations at the circus. 

Around my daughter’s third birthday, my strong willed, independent, knows what she wants toddler, morphed into a “whatever big brother does, that’s what I want too” little sister (she still kept her strong will however).  Her favorite color went from purple to red (her brother’s fav color).  For the past  week she has been telling me how she wants a Spiderman cake just like her brothers when it is her birthday.

But today things changed.

There was a face painting booth at our local grocery store today.

What?  Your grocery store doesn’t offer free face painting?  Man, how prehistoric! 

My son walked up and of course asked if she could paint Spiderman on his face.


Nothing earth shattering there.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know we’ve been fully immersed in the world of Spidey here at the circus.

But, then  it came time for my daughter to get her face painted.  I was sure she too would want Spiderman.

When the lady asked what she wanted on her face, she replied “Dora”IMG_7383

Do you get the significance of that choice?  Not only did she pick her own thing, but she went second.  So, she actually picked something different than her brother! 

This is a huge banner day here at the circus!

My little girl has a mind of her own!

(Yes, it appears that I am celebrating the fact that now in addition to looking for all things Spiderman, I also get to look for all things Dora…I am celebrating commercialism at it’s finest).  That’s ok, I’ll take it… I am just happy to see my little girl think for herself!


  1. Yay! I am please that she wanted to be like her brother so much but it is wonderful that she is starting to develop her own ideas and tastes.

  2. I think it's cute that she can think for herself, but I also think its sweet she likes to emulate her big brother. They do say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    I gotta start watching Dora, though. I miss all the good shows with this job thing crampin my style!

  3. Well, It seems that she and Rose have something major in common! We are a great resource for all things Dora!

  4. seriously, could your kids be any cuter? love the cheesy grins. so, Dora, huh? is that easier or harder to put on a cake??

  5. Hola! Glad to hear she is voicing her opinion! Dora was a big around here when Leah was 3. I made a cake for her 3rd b-day party. I can send you a pic if you want. I might also have some stuff she has outgrown.

  6. Having a few kids close in age as well, I remember the joy on that day that #2 made a decision all on his own without the influence of #1. I will never forget that feeling! I only wish I remember what it was about...
    Keep on blogging mama!

  7. Yay!! What a great milestone to remember!

  8. I love that your girl likes Super Heroes! That's adorable- I mean AWESOME!

    Thanks for the comments. I used to be a teacher, but decided to stay home with my kiddos. I do stuff here at home with my kids now, instead of other people's kids. If my posts have links on them, that's where I got the idea. If not, it's something we've done.

    Sometimes though, I have done a project in the past and see someone else's blog and get reminded of that project so I'll put a link, just because I would feel bad if I didn't !

    Good luck with homeschooling. You seem like such a great Mama, you'll do a good job!


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