The REAL Winner


To the smart mom or dad who invented the quiet game.

I say, “THANK YOU!”

Seriously, you’ve changed my life…or at least my commute to and from the grocery store. 

Last week in a desperate attempt to keep my sanity as I drove my three overly tired, overly hungry, did I mention whiny, children home from B.J.’s I remembered this game of my youth.  And given the highly competitive nature of my two oldest, I thought they just might take to it.

I didn’t realize until a few days later, just how well the game went.

My son was talking to our close family friend and his son.

“Hey, maybe you can play the quiet game in the car with your dad.  I’ll tell you the rules.  You have to be quiet and whoever talks first is the loser.  If you can go the whole time without talking, sometimes the winner can get a sticker.  You can play it in the car or when you are going to sleep.”

As I reflected on that conversation and on my peaceful car rides since, I have to say I think I am the real winner of the quiet game. 


  1. I remember playing that game with my brother. We called it "quiet as a mouse", cute post.

  2. Wow that never working in my house, we knew it was an attempt to get us to stop and not a "real" game so one of us would lose on purpose and that was that. I'm glad its working about better for you.

  3. When I was a counselor at a day camp we played "dead fish"... which now sounds so disturbing. The kids would lie on the floor and the first to move lost! It usually only lasted a minute or two.

  4. well played, crystal. well played. :)

  5. Use it as long as it works. And YOU are the real winner for sure.

  6. Yeah, my kids play a game like's called the Loud Game. The point is to see who can be the loudest. There are no prizes. :)


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