He is Risen Indeed!


While I have enjoyed the many ups and downs of our vacation to Texas, I have decided that I never again want to go on vacation the week prior to Easter.  I was very careful when planning our trip to make sure that we would be with family for Easter so that we could go to church and worship our Lord.  I didn’t want to be camping or in the middle of nowhere for Easter Sunday.  I am certain we will have a wonderful and special day as we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection with them. 

But, being away on vacation this week, I’ve been kind of off the radar.  I’ve been out of my routine and haven’t spent the time I would like focusing on and preparing for this special day.  I would have loved to have done some Easter crafts and projects with the kids.  I really feel like the crafts and projects help to create a sense of anticipation and excitement as well as focus on the day.  We did read the Easter story in the hotel the other night on Good Friday.  And we’ve been talking to the kids about how Easter is coming and why we are celebrating.   While the same could be true if I had spent the week at home, I don’t feel like this year I have personally spent much time in preparing my heart for worship.  I think that is largely due to missing church on Good Friday.  The Good Friday service at our church is by far my favorite church service all year.  I love the time spent focusing on confessing our sins and worshipping our Lord, who took the consequences of MY sin by dying on the cross.  I love the visual reminder and the often creative approach our pastor takes in helping to personalize the message.  He always drives home the fact that MY sins nailed him to the cross, that He died FOR ME.  It blows me away time and time again. 

I’ve spent some time reflecting on that this evening as I sit at the computer while the house sleeps around me and I am glad for this quiet time.   I hope I can keep a right perspective tomorrow as I scurry to get three kids dressed nicely and out the door while also visiting with our cousins and their two kids.  I hope I don’t fret more over getting the girls hair just right then I do the condition of my heart as we prepare for worship.   I hope I remember the reason for the season. 

He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!  I hope you join me today in worshipping our Risen Savior!!


  1. I'll be joining you! Hope you all have a Happy Easter with your family.

  2. Happy Easter! He has Risen and we can rejoice with all of creation. The creator of the world died to redeem us and then defeated death! The grave and sin have no power!

  3. i agree that your church has the best good friday service, by far! just think how excited you will be to go next year, since you missed this one. we are rejoicing with you today! happy easter!

  4. Happy Easter!!
    He has risen, indeed !!
    Miss you all and am so glad you can celebrate our LORD with your cousins.
    Mom and Dad

  5. So the good friday service was about the scape goat where all the sins were put on the goat and then released into the wild and that Jesus is our scape goat. He had pellets of goat skin for you to go and put your sins on under the cross.


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