A Girl That Knows What She Wants


Apparently my daughter’s week long rebellion was against sleeping alone in her crib and not on sleeping in general. 

Tuesday was a break through day for us!

She napped and slept through the night without screaming for hours first.

As I said goodnight to her in her sister’s bed, she had the BIGGEST grin on her face.  Seriously, I have never seen a kid so excited about sleeping in a bed. 

I did have to go in their twice because I heard them giggling and running around.  One time I caught her sitting up “reading” on her bed.  When I opened the door, she threw the book on the floor and laid down. 

Um, nice try missie, but you are busted!

Scott had to go back a third time and he threatened to make her go back to her crib if she did not stay in bed. 

We didn’t hear a peep from her the rest of the night!

When we went in to kiss them goodnight before we went to bed, we found her sleeping on her floor. 


Naptime Wednesday also went well.  Though she was disappointed not to have her brother and sister napping with her.  (I have a strict, “keep them all separated at nap time” policy).   She cried for a little while and then she fell asleep.  (on the dog’s bed this time).  I’ll be honest I didn’t care whose bed she was sleeping on, just happy she was sleeping. 

Tonight I had to go in only once to tell her to stay in bed.  After that all three of them were asleep without a fuss. 

Apparently, she had decided she was done sleeping in her crib and she wanted in the room with her brother and sister.  And apparently, this little girl of mine has a strong will, as she was relentless in proving her point that she did.not.want.to.be.in.her.crib!


I have been planning to move all three of them in a room together b/c I didn’t want the youngest to miss out on the bonding that takes place during the whispering after lights out.  But, I had been planning to wait until we got bunk beds for the older two.    Seems, we can’t wait that long.

Luckily my middle child LOVES to sleep on the floor.  She did not bat an eye about giving up her bed for her little sister.  I took the crib mattress from the crib and put it on the floor for my 3 year old.  She is happily sleeping on it until we can find a bunk bed for them.

We still need to work on waking up and leaving the room quietly so as to not wake the others in the room, as this morning one child woke crying which quickly led to three children screaming before one of us could get out of bed and into their room to quiet them down. 

But, all in all, it was the best night of sleep she and we  have had since we’ve been home from Texas last week



  1. Kudos for you for figuring out what was going on and handling it so well! That is just so sweet that she was ready for bed and to sleep with her brother and sister. They're all going to be such good friends!!

  2. who knew that being the youngest of 3 would be so hard for her? i'm glad they all love each other so much. and it's touching that your oldest daughter would give up her bed so easily. i love your kids. every single one of them.

  3. I'm so glad it work! I am also very glad I have gotten the boy down to only waking up once! So Yay! Sleep was had all around I am so looking forward to getting rid of this last wake up.

  4. How sweet is that last picture!
    You rock to have figured out what the problem was. And she has improved her vocabulary, to boot!
    ie., "living room!"


  5. Congrats to all!! How much better it all seems when everyone gets their much-needed sleep. I guess now there is room in the nursery?!?!?!? LOL

  6. I think it's cute that she slept on Maggie's bed once too...she reminds me of Goldilocks, looking for the bed that feels just right! :)

  7. Yeah!!! I am happy that it worked out and you are all getting more sleep. Good luck practicing the quiet waking routine! Maybe you can have them do practice runs with the others pretending to be asleep. Make it into a game.

  8. 1. I love that your Nana says "you rock." She rocks!
    2. Those are the most precious pictures! There's just something about sleeping babies (I mean, big girls) that is so stinking cute and sweet and innocent!

    Great post...I'm happy to hear your sleeping issues are being solved quite easily!!!!


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