Good Times



picnic lunches


sweet treats


hot springs


big leaps


dirty hands


  1. If there is anything cuter than pictures of the Circus kids at home it's pictures of the Circus kids enjoying their vacation! OH my word, Crystal. I love that pink hat your youngest is wearing. She wears it so well! She looks like a doll baby!

    I have been keeping up...and unfortunately I've been lax in commenting and now it's all bottled up and I don't know where to begin! I might have to send you an email....

    Really, though, I loved hearing about your guys are such sports about everything...I would have never been able to cope with whiny campers! Or with the fact that there's no indoor plumbing when camping, but that's another story....

    I loved reading about your son wanting to find a new purpose while hiking...that boy is a hoot! I bet I could have some seriously meaningful conversation with that little boy!

    (Oh, and you were sporting a lovely hat yourself in one picture...quite the cute camper YOU are, too!)

  2. SUPER CUTE pictures. Looks like you were able to catch some great moments among ill ones.

  3. Good times indeed. Aptly put. I love when the pictures speak louder than any words...


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