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Today’s guest blogger is Sarah.  Sarah is one of the few bloggers I read, whom I know in real life.  My freshman year of college at Towson, Sarah lived on the floor above me.  I was in Bible study with her through RUF and we hung out numerous times throughout the year.  When my family moved and I transferred schools, we lost touch.    We found each other on face book this past summer and I’ve been hooked on her blog ever since!  She’s a devoted wife and momma to three small boys.  She is also a fantastic cook!  I have loved every.single. recipe of hers that I have tried.  Check her blog out here at Short Stop…you won’t be sorry.  Sarah is also on vacation with her crew this week, so when I approached her about writing a guest post, she offered to let me repost on of her older posts.  So, here’s an oldie but goodie from Sarah for my circus readers!

This Boy of Mine

Yesterday was our second trip back to Bible Study.
My third trip out alone with all three boys.
I'm happy to report that I got them dressed and out the door in a time that even Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would find impressive. And, I even remembered to close the van door on our way into church.
First stop: the potty. We quickly stop with Jack each time we enter church. Only this day, he had a very important rock in his hand that he picked up from the parking lot.
And, he dropped it. Right into the I'm-all-finished-Mommy potty. And, immediately stuck his entire arm in to retrieve it. You know, winter. Long sleeves. Soaked.
"No, no, no, no, no, Jack. You don't put your arm in the potty." Startled by my reaction, he dropped it back in.
Immediate meltdown. Of historical proportions.
So, in a moment of pure motherly insanity out of love for this child, and in the spirit of NOT taking him and his soaked right arm into his class screaming, I retrieved his rock, washed it off, and we left our morning bathhouse.
We walked into his class and Jack shouted,
"Look at my rock everybody. My mommy got it for me from the potty."
Love, y'all. Love.


  1. Oh what we do for our kids!!! And what they say about us...hehe. So funny!

  2. that has to rank right at the top for selfless acts of love. you go girl!

  3. That would be like a morning at the circus. Thanks for your guest post - I enjoyed the laugh. I'm missing the circus crew, and you helped me this am.

  4. That is so funny I have fished princesses from potties before but the number of rocks that come into our life that are so precious astounds me. I found five good size ones in my diaper bag when emptying it to find out why it was so heavy. The Girl has a very important handful of dirt that was gifted to her by the eldest of the circus kids when we were visiting. It has a few bluish gray rocks in it that are, I am pleased to report, magic. That pile with its magical components sits in the cup holder of her car seat and SHALL not be moved.

  5. Very cute. What things a mother will do out of love she never would have done before children!


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