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Today, I bring to you Rebecca from A Happy Heart.   Rebecca has been a faithful commenter here at the circus for several months.  Her encouraging and humorous comments have flowed into numerous e-mail exchanges between the two of us.  Without actually meeting her in person, she has crossed the line from “virtual friend” to “real friend” and I look forward to meeting her face to face next month.  She has two adorable preschoolers, two helpful tween stepdaughters, and another little bun in the oven due to arrive in time for Thanksgiving this fall.  She’s one busy momma!  So, without any further ado…here’s Rebecca!! 

When Crystal asked me to guest post for her I was honored and excited, albeit a tad nervous.  It's one thing to ramble without a point over at my own blog, but another thing entirely to take the ceaseless ramblings somewhere else. 

Crystal suggested I write about how I would fit in with the Circus at which I immediately started to chuckle because while Crystal has certainly cornered the circus market I have my own set of clowns at home who make me feel like I'm walking a tight rope on a daily basis, afraid to look down for fear of seeing my son drinking out of the vaporizer unit or my daughter playing in toilet water.  For someone with OCD tendencies those scenarios can be less than humorous when stumbled upon. 

However, I'm learning to throw my OCD tendencies to the wind these days and for me that's where Crystal's circus comes in.

A circus isn't a circus without the aspect of fun and I think that is what I'm learning most as a regular reader of Life At The Circus.  I'm learning through Crystal and Scott's parenting style that there can be fun found in everyday if you look hard enough for it and take a moment to savor it.  I'm the type of person who wants to "schedule" fun and let's face it, that takes all the, well, fun out of it.  It seems like Crystal finds the fun in the most ordinary of everyday things and I'm striving to do more of that in my own home.  I'm learning the unexpected fun is the most fun of all.

I've also learned a thing or two about teachable moments.  Again, being a scheduler I want to have a time and place for learning when in fact there are so many teachable moments that pass me by without my even realizing it until it's too late.  With toddlers and pre-school age children it seems almost everything can be drilled down to a teachable moment and that's something I'm realizing more and more as a Circus reader.  It seems not a day goes by that Cyrstal isn't seizing huge opportunities to teach her children.  I'm amazed at her children's understanding of concepts many adults have a hard time grasping such as why we celebrate Christmas.

A lot of Crystal has been rubbing off on me in the past several months reading her blog.  Most of them I'm thrilled about as I feel they are truly making me a better parent and a better person.

However, there is one thing about Crystal that's rubbing off on me that I'm not sure is a good thing.  Those of you who know Crystal know that laundry is the bane of her existence and while you don't know me well, you should know that I pride myself on a clean and organized home. 

Or at least I used to.

This is a picture of the scene you will stumble upon when walking into my laundry room right now.  I wish I could say we just recently had a terrible tsunami that's only victims were my whites and darks, but alas, it just isn't so. 

It's just me trying to fit in with the Circus. 

Laundry room


  1. Greetings and thanks for a great guest post. Glad to hear that you have learned from our daughter - but is that laundry sorted?? LOL It is a very fun circus - and she does seize opportunities constantly to teach those little ones. Hope you do too.

  2. great job rebecca! you would be a perfect addition to the circus. laundry and all!

  3. Rebecca, honey...good grief! I will be right over to take care of that laundry room for you! Do you want me to make some detergent for you before I leave? LOL!

    Congrats on the guest post!

  4. hehe Rebecca. You always make me smile and this time it was because of all the wonderful things you said about a dear friend. Well that laundry made me smile too.

  5. Well lookie here! Happy you've come a long way baby! I so wish I lived closer b/c I would be happy to help out with that laundry situation.
    Just remember that you can't eat an elephant in one bite. Little by little you'll clean your way through to the floor again.

    lovely guest post!

  6. ...I personally think you staged the laundry room...your house is always pristine when i'm there...

  7. HA! That is one amazing mess! Great job guest blogging. It's so neat that you will soon get to meet!

  8. great post, Happy. it's true, i hope i'm half the mother Crystal is when i grow up... like in 4 months. except for the laundry part. i have my own pile on my couch right now staring at me. of course, it is CLEAN laundry...


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