Where’s My Shoe??


I often don’t bother scrambling around the house looking for shoes before heading out the door.  We give a good attempt, but if we’re running late, I bank on the fact that we’ll be able to find a pair in the van.

One afternoon when my husband asked where to find my daughter’s shoe and I told him, these are what he found on the floor of our van (and believe it or not, there are more that just didn’t fit into the shot).


Yea..I’m busted…my days of being held accountable by the preschool pick up line are over…looks like the circus is keeping it real at preschool too.


  1. I, for once, am utterly speechless. You've done it...you've rendered me completely at a loss for words. My OCD is screaming, but I, myself, have nothing to say other than, "May I come clean out your van?" :)

    Oh, Crystal...this is terrific. I might just let the OCD go once and for all. My kids would be delighted.

  2. Hehehe! Looks like our Pacifica! We have more toys than anything else in there! Just seems hard to find the time.

  3. I think I got a bit of OCD just looking at this :) haha. Just kidding. Actually, that is a great place to keep them in my opinion. Why clutter up the entry way of your house? Of course, it does make playing outside in the back yard more difficult!

  4. You know those plastic rings that interlock, which are meant to be used as toys? What if you had the kids put their shoes on a plastic ring as soon as they take them off? They might like it, and it would help you out a little! :)

  5. BTW - I have one up here in PA that was left behind :-( It is looking for a mate - so we will bring it along this visit.


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