Eggnog Talks Part 1


Eggnog has always been a special drink at our house.   Since our son was just a toddler, he’s enjoyed sipping this treat with his Daddy.

Last winter as Scott and my son were enjoying this holiday treat,  Scott told him  that eggnog is a talking drink.  “You sip it slowly like a dessert and talk about important things,” he instructed him.

From this was born eggnog talks.

The next night my three and half year hold son asked for some eggnog, then looked up at his Daddy and said, “Dad, let’s talk…how was your day?”

And each time they sat and sipped their special treat, they’d talk about various things…most often questions that my son had.   He’s always good for a question or two.

After Christmas we were on a 5 hour car ride when out of the blue my son called to the front of the van,

Son: “Hey Mom, was Joseph a doctor?”

Me: “No, actually he was a carpenter.”

pause (Scott and look at each other all excited about the fact that our little boy was sitting in the back seat pondering the Christmas story).

Son: “Was anyone else with Mary and Joseph at the stable?”

(Hmm, suddenly I knew where he was going with this one…see the previous summer, 6 months prior, when he was asking all of his “how is the baby going to get of mommy’s belly” questions, one thing my husband and I kept stressing was that the doctor had special training and he would help get the baby out).

Me: “No, just Mary and Joseph”

Son: “If Joseph wasn’t a doctor, then how did he get baby Jesus out?”

I looked to Scott to answer this one (grateful that this question was asked when Daddy was around b/c I hate when he pops these doozies when I am flying solo).

Scott said, “You know that is a good question, why don’t you ask me again at our next eggnog talk.”

Smart move huh?  My son was satisfied and Scott knew that with Christmas being over he just bought himself another year to figure out his response.

A week later we are home from our trip and Scott and my son are out in the back yard.  I yell out that I am going to the store.  My son stops me and says, “Hey Mom, can you get some more eggnog?” and then looks at his Daddy and says, “We gotta talk.”

(yea…fat chance he was going to let it drop for a year)

I am continually amazed at my son’s mind.  It seems the wheels are constantly turning in there.  He recalls details or conversations from as far back as a year ago and then he applies these things and formulates new thoughts and questions.  He truly keeps me on my toes and I absolutely love watching him learn and grow.

Eggnog talks have become a special tradition here at the circus.  This year both girls have gotten to participate in the eggnog talks as well.  It opens the doors for the kids to sit and ask Daddy all sorts of questions.  Sometimes they talk about how things were made, or what they learned in Sunday School, or what they did that day.  Sometimes the kids ask Daddy the questions, sometimes he turns it around and asks them something (as you’ll see here tomorrow). It is much more than a tasty holiday treat, it is a special Father/child bonding time.  One I know their Daddy will treasure for the rest of his life.


Come back tomorrow to hear how about one of Scott’s most memorable father/son talks to date.


  1. That is such a lovely tradition! Is there anything you guys do that isn't heartwarming? Your children will grow up so blessed to have a family rich with tradition and togetherness and the love of Jesus all blended in.

    And may I comment on Daddy's mad talent in the picture helping not just one little girl drink her eggnog but also holding a second cup so baby girl can get a drink! Superdad! Does he have an Inspector Gadget arm?

    Everyone looks so cute sipping their eggnog! Your youngest looks like she is guzzling it! She isn't messing around!

  2. I love it! And I know what you mean about how they don't seem to forget anything. :-)

  3. One of the best new traditions is this blog. These memories will someday be a great memory tool as you all laugh and ponder your lives. Not only does your circus provide you an endless supply of stories, but you are an excellent story teller.
    Thank you Crystal for the memories!

  4. i can't wait for tomorrow. i'm on the edge of my seat. if i can't make it to the library, you KNOW i'm going to call you! that kids just cracks me up. as does that last picture. :)

  5. Developing the kids' noggins while noggin'...Fantastic! Scott makes me so proud that I almost wanna take credit for his love of sitting around the table and holding egg nog talks; as I did with him during our Thursday breakfast talks back in the Day!

  6. I've heard of pillow talk, but this is much more fun!

  7. I think this is fabulous! What a great, great tradition!

  8. I love your tradition!! It is amazing how the lil ones minds work, they don't miss a beat :)


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