A Hodgepodge of Circus Musings

I am dealing with some serious reentry probs today, so my post is not only later in the day than normal, but will be more of a random tangent on life at the circus today.

The entire circus fam is fighting colds.  Runny noses, coughs…we felt them coming on at the end of last week but oddly enough standing in 15 degree weather for 4 hours did little to fight them off.  That coupled with the fact that the five of us spent 11 hours in the car together this weekend breathing in the same recycled air, has ensured that we are all equally miserable.

It’s not that bad though…if we are feeling too blue or grouchy all I gotta do is play my recently downloaded “Here We Go, Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go, Pittsburgh's Going to the Superbowl” song and all five of us are dancing and singing along.  I am sure we’ll have all the lyrics memorized by the 1st!

On our drive home yesterday we were stuck in two different traffic backups.  For the first one, we were able to get off, take a back road,and get back on our route.  In the other case, the accident was on the other side of the highway and we were in congestion caused by rubbernecking.  It was however, the worst traffic accident I have ever seen in my life.  A 40 car pile up on route 70.  It made me realize how much I take for granted our safety in the car.  How I rarely offer true thanksgiving to God for my safe voyage. Often if I remember to do anything, it is more like lip service, rather than heart felt gratitude.  Today I am truly grateful.

I am also thankful that today is Tuesday.  Tuesday is the one day of the week that we don’t have to be somewhere at any specific time.  I need this day, especially this week, as I have suitcases to unpack, laundry to do, ringtones to download, blogs to read, a house to clean…

In the midst of all this, I made time to record a new message on my answering machine thanks to my recently downloaded fight song.

We also took some time out to watch the inauguration.  Scott and I were talking yesterday about how much we take our government for granted.  Today, we had a change in power in our nation.  One government party and its philosophies and ideologies, was replaced with another, and it was done so without a military uprising.  How often do we take that peaceful hand shake for granted?

As I was pointing out the important political figures and explaining who was who and why they were being saluted, why they were wearing black suits (you know the important details and questions I wouldn’t think about without preschoolers present) I had a rather comical conversation with my oldest daughter.

I was pointing out George Bush and she said, “Not George the monkey!”

No I said, “George Bush”  and she giggled.

I realized in her mind she was probably looking for a cartoon character like George the Monkey only it was a little bush.  This little diversion made me laugh for so many reasons during this solemn ceremony.

Afterwards Scott called and we discussed the inaugural address.  It was so refreshing to have an intellectually stimulating discussion with my husband in the middle of the day.  There is no one whose opinion I respect more than his.  I greatly appreciated hearing his thoughts on things, asking him a few questions and discussing our opinions.  It lasted about 5 minutes, because then I realized that the house was way too quiet for having three circus children awake and when I realized the bathroom door was shut, I knew I had to go.  Turns out my son was reading “Pat the Bunny” to the girls while he was on the potty.

So, that is my hodge podge of thoughts for all who care…funny to me this whole bloggy world and how there are people out there that are actually interested in my runny nose musings.  I love it though.  Love these relationships I have cultivated through this crazy world wide web.  I am off to get some lunch and catch up on your lives (I hold you responsible for the laundry that does not get done today).


  1. I hope you're all feeling better soon! Although, it was probably totally worth a little cold to get to see your Steelers make the Super Bowl! I think it's just so awesome that you were there. I love every change I get to have intellectual conversations with my husband too. I genuinely value his opinions. Too funny about your son reading Pat the Bunny while going potty. I would have had to check things out, too....I always know there's trouble when it gets quiet around here.

  2. What blessings!! AND how great that 3 little ones BEHIND closed doors were not getting into mischief but enjoying a good book :-)

  3. Oh, how nice...story time on the potty! I once had a teacher who said he used to read student's papers on the potty (although I'm sure he just said "in the bathroom" because I think only moms actually say "potty"). Anyways, he said the good ones made for a pleasurable time spent and the bad ones seemed strangely at home in there....

    That really had nothing to do with your son reading a fine piece of children's literature to his siblings on the potty, but what can I say...it's been that kind of day.

    I think its good that he can multi-task.

    I missed most of the swearing in ceremonies today because I was waging war with the company copy machine and putting out fires in small town America...I'll have to catch some evening news recaps of it all.

    Love that you value your man's opinions....awesome wife! He's a lucky guy! :)

    And you're a lucky gal.

    Marathon commenter is done now.....there was probably more on my mind, but it may have just been "GO STEELERS!"


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