Happy Birthday Maggie!!


maggie in bed Our beloved pooch turns 6 today!  Where does the time go?  We got her two weeks after moving into our new home and before we had kids. 

One of my fourth grade language arts students loved corgi’s and did a book report on Pembrooke Welsh Corgi’s.  He got an A and I was sold on Corgi’s.  I distinctly remember him telling me that they were “light shedders and good with kids.”   He was a bit off on the light shedding, but couldn’t have been more dead on about the kids.  So, thank you Dylan!

For about a year she was “our baby” and she was very spoiled.  She ate at precisely the same time every day, she went on walks, she slept on our bed, we played games with her, we took her to the dog park…in a lot of ways she helped shape they way our days went.

  maggie collage copy


1) Welcome to the familyGradually as first one, then two, then three kids came into the picture, she fell further and further down the totem pole.  Now she is happy just to be fed, forget about what time it is!

From the minute we brought our son home from the hospital, she has proved to be a great kid dog. 

TakeHomePictures 100a




She was very curious about this new little one we brought home.  I love these shots of her peering up curiously at him as if to ask us, “What is this thing you brought home and how will this effect me?”



Little did she know that she would be pulled, poked, sat on, not to mention overlooked thanks to this new one and his soon to come sisters.

circus 058

2005 scrapbook188


And she has never complained.  She sits there patiently while they “love on” her and she never growls or snaps (though she is known to give a wet smooch or two). 


Granted, she has been rewarded with her fair share of Cheerios and remnant high chair food over the years.  When I took her to the vet a year after my son was born she had gained 10 lbs that year… that’s a lot of Cheerios for one dog to consume!



She still has occasional accidents on our carpet and she barks anytime someone walks in front of our house or rings the door bell, and I must confess in those moments my true inner Cruella Deville creeps out as I mutter under my breath.   But she is part of our family and though I rarely show it, I love her.

So for her birthday today we are taking her for a walk and going to Pet Smart for a bone and a new doggie bed…basically her special birthday treat is to be treated with the love and care she used to receive on a normal basis, PK (pre kids).  And after writing this post and reflecting on all of her many redeeming qualities and her charming personality, I’m convicted to make a new year’s resolution to treat Maggie with the love and attention she deserves (or at least better than I’ve been treating her).

Happy Birthday Maggie, I’m so glad you are part of our family!!


  1. We are also "so glad" you are part of their family. It is always so nice to get your enthusiastic welcome when we visit.
    Happy Birthday, Maggie
    Love yea!

  2. yay Maggie! i remember when you first got her and how little and cute she was. :) she IS an amazing kid dog. never have i seen such patience with four legs. happy birthday, Maggie!

  3. hehe this make 12 dogs to 4 people I have know with that name... its a little weird for me I must say. But I am so glad that she is such a good part of you family.

  4. Happy Birthday Maggie!! You really do tolerate ALOT at the Circus -but are a class-act yourself when it comes to performing with those kiddos.

  5. What a sweet post for her B-Day! Big dog lovers here too.

  6. I love my dog too, even more when he is wearing his bark collar. Have you ever concidered getting one?


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